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Part 4 - <-- | -->

Alternative 1 was to use nuclear devices to blast holes in the stratosphere from which the heat and pollution could escape into space. They would then change the human cultures from that of exploitation into cultures of environmental protection. Of the three this was decided to be the least likely to succeed due to the inherent nature of man and the additional damage the nuclear explosions would themselves create. THE EXISTENCE OF A HOLE IN THE OZONE LAYER MAY INDICATE THAT ALTERNATIVE 1 MIGHT HAVE BEEN ATTEMPTED. THIS IS, HOWEVER, ONLY CONJECTURE.


Alternative 3 was to exploit the alien and conventional technology in order for a select few to leave the earth and establish colonies in outer space. I am not able to either confirm or deny the existence of 'batch consignments' of human slaves, which would be used for the manual labor as a part of the plan. The Moon, code-named ADAM, was the object of primary interest, followed by the planet Mars, code-named EVE. I am now in possession of official NASA photographs of one of the moon bases. I believe that the Mars colony is also a reality (Note: There are some who suggest that "global warming" may not actually be taking place as believed, and that this "scare" is based largely on computerized models or simulations which have not always coincided with actual temperature variations. Is it possible that the earth is attempting to "heal" itself? Could it be that to some extent "global warming" is more-or-less an "excuse" that is being used to justify huge expenditures for subterran and exterran "bases" for secret government use such as in the "Alternative" scenarios? This is of course, even if true, no reason to destroy this planet, as pollution of the air, water and earth IS something which could lead to an eventual devastation of this Earth. - Branton).

As a delaying action, ALL THREE ALTERNATIVES included BIRTH CONTROL, STERILIZATION, AND THE INTRODUCTION OF DEADLY MICROBES TO CONTROL OR SLOW THE GROWTH OF EARTH'S POPULATION. AIDS is only ONE result of these plans. It was decided BY THE ELITE that since the population must be reduced and controlled, it would be in the best interest of the human race to rid ourselves of undesirable elements of our society. Specific targeted populations included BLACKS, HISPANICS, and HOMOSEXUALS." (Note: It appears that when they made this decision the elite were on the verge of possessing the technology to solve the overpopulation, food and energy problems - even to the point of being able to transport excess populations to other planetary bodies if necessary. Apparently they opted for mass genocide which they believed would keep the population to a manageable minimum, not wishing to give up the political and economic control which they possessed and which would to a large degree be lost if they openly gave this super-technology freely to the masses. Pro-abortion activist-leader and 'Planned Parenthood' founder Margaret Sanger betrays her own devotion to the Globalist genocidal policies and insensitivity to women's rights, especially non-Aryan women's rights--not to mention the constitutional rights to 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness' on the part of multi-millions of children--in the following words from her first book 'PIVOT OF CIVILIZATION'. In reference to free maternity care for the poor she states: "Instead of decreasing and aiming to eliminate the stocks that are most detrimental to the future of the race and the world it tends to render them to a menacing degree dominant." And in reference to her 'Negro Project' of the late 1930's, which aimed at recruiting black ministers, physicians and political leaders for birth control and sterilization in the black community, Sanger wrote: "...We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members." - Branton). Cooper continues:

The joint U.S. and Soviet leadership dismissed Alternative 1 BUT ORDERED WORK TO BEGIN ON ALTERNATIVES 2 AND 3 VIRTUALLY AT THE SAME TIME.



A young ambitious member of the Council on Foreign Relations was approached. His name was George Bush, who at the time was the president and CEO of THE OFFSHORE DIVISION OF ZAPATA OIL, BASED IN TEXAS. Zapata Oil was experimenting with the new technology of offshore drilling. It was correctly thought that the drugs could be shipped from South America to the offshore platforms by fishing boat, to be taken from there to shore by the normal transportation used for supplies and personnel. By this method no customs or law enforcement agency would subject the cargo to search.

George Bush agreed to help, and organized the operation IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE CIA. The plan worked better than anyone had dreamed. It has since expanded worldwide. There are now many other methods of bringing illegal drugs into the country. IT MUST ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED THAT GEORGE BUSH BEGAN THE SALE OF DRUGS TO OUR CHILDREN. The CIA now controls most of the world's illegal drug markets.

The official space program was boosted by President Kennedy in his inaugural address when he mandated that the United States put a man on the Moon before the end of the decade. Although innocent in its conception, this mandate enabled those in charge to funnel vast amounts of money into black projects AND CONCEAL THE REAL SPACE PROGRAM FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. A similar program in the Soviet Union served the same purpose. IN FACT, A JOINT ALIEN, UNITED STATES, AND SOVIET UNION BASE EXISTED ON THE MOON AT THE VERY MOMENT KENNEDY SPOKE THE WORDS.

On May 22, 1962, a space probe landed on Mars and confirmed the existence of AN ENVIRONMENT WHICH COULD SUPPORT LIFE (Note: Some may recall many years later when the first PUBLICIZED probe landed on the surface of Mars and began sending back pictures of a reddish-brown planet with a light blue sky. Immediately after this we were told "oops," the blue sky was just a mistake in the programming of the camera, which began sending the "photos" back to earth in the wrong color. "Fortunately" the problem was "solved" and subsequent photographs appeared in which the sky was reddish-pink. - Branton). Not long afterward the construction of a colony on the planet Mars began in earnest. Today I believe a colony exists on Mars populated by specially selected people from different cultures and occupations taken from all over the Earth. A PUBLIC CHARADE of antagonism between the Soviet Union and the United States has been maintained over all these years IN ORDER TO FUND PROJECTS IN THE NAME OF NATIONAL DEFENSE WHEN IN FACT WE ARE THE CLOSEST ALLIES. (Note: M.J. of El Paso, TX sent a letter to 'World Watchers International'--Fall 1989 issue, p. 18-- concerning a woman he'd talked to who worked at JPL in Pasadena, CA., in 1962, as a classified 'photo interpreter'. Her husband also worked there designing domed structures capable of resisting 'gale-velocity winds' for 'colonies on the Moon, and then Mars!' Her husband was sent on a SUPER SECRET mission. Then one day she received word that her husband had died and no further details, then her 'Q' clearance was pulled. When asked of his fate she said with dead seriousness: "I think he was drafted to Mars!" - Branton).

At some point President Kennedy discovered portions of the truth concerning the drugs and aliens. He issued an ultimatum in 1963 to Majesty Twelve. President Kennedy assured them that if they did not clean up the drug problem, he would. HE INFORMED MAJORITY TWELVE THAT HE INTENDED TO REVEAL THE PRESENCE OF (THE) ALIENS TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WITHIN THE FOLLOWING YEAR, AND ORDERED A PLAN DEVELOPED TO IMPLEMENT HIS DECISION (Note: We can consider these Files and other present efforts to inform the public of the alien problem as being nothing less than a Patriotic duty to fulfill the decree as set out by this former American President - Branton).

President Kennedy's decision struck fear into the hearts of those in charge. His assassination was ordered by the Policy Committee and the order was carried out by agents in Dallas. President John F. Kennedy was murdered by the Secret Service agent who drove his car in the motorcade and the act is plainly visible in the Zapruder film. WATCH THE DRIVER AND NOT KENNEDY WHEN YOU VIEW THE FILM."

Note: On April 2, 1992, Geraldo Rivera in his television News magazine "NOW IT CAN BE TOLD", interviewed a Dr. Charles Crenshaw, one of the original doctors who worked on the body of President John F. Kennedy shortly after the assassination. Crenshaw claimed that he saw Kennedy's head wound and stated that Oswald could not have killed Kennedy as he was behind the President, whereas the fatal bullet wound came from the FRONT. Crenshaw claimed that the bullet entered from the front and exited from the rear of his skull, leaving a large gaping wound 9-10 centimeters across. Although Texas law required an immediate autopsy in Dallas, the site of the crime, Crenshaw insisted that a swarm of Secret Service agents entered the hospital and demanded that the autopsy be performed out of state. Dr, Crenshaw stated on "NOW IT CAN BE TOLD" that several people he knew who had witnessed the President's wounds had died shortly afterwards under strange circumstances. He believed that the "official" photos taken at Bathesda Naval hospital showing no rear exit wound were tampered with and that the whole affair was covered up. If this is true then the two men behind the "grassy knoll" would have been a backup team and Oswald, who had carefully planted "Communist" ties, would be the "patsy" or "fall guy". In the movie "JFK" and elsewhere we hear of testimony that the police officer who Oswald killed shortly after Kennedy's death was actually "in" on the conspiracy, and it was his job to knock-off Oswald and claim it was self defense. The only problem was that Oswald got to him first. This "triangulation" type of assassination which may have involved the secret serviceman Greer, the "patsy" Oswald and the CIA-Mafia "grassy knoll hitmen", is not uncommon among experienced assassins. It is possible however that the three different "hit" groups or assassin(s), supposing this scenario is correct, knew nothing of the other two, but were only following their orders. Oswald, Greer, and the CIA-Mafia squad might have been convinced then that 'they' were the one's who killed Kennedy. Numerous sources have reported on the CIA-Mafia connection, including Bruce Roberts who several years ago wrote up a very detailed scenario concerning--especially--the CIA-Mafia connection, based on "sources" within the Intelligence community which he claimed to have spoken with. As a result of this there emerged the so- called "Gemstone Files" which have floated through the Intelligence grapevine via photoreproduction, but have never been fully "published" to our knowledge. Another source alleged that the "secret service" of every nation is tied-in with the highest levels of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, or the "Illuminati", which might be something to think about when we realize that secret service agent William Greer may have been involved. As the reader may recall, MJ-12 according to Cooper was largely controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations, which in turn is controlled by the Illuminati. Also, the JASON Group stems from the western "branch" of the Order of the Illuminati which goes by the name of "Skull & Bones". Realizing this, William Cooper's allegations may not be just so much "hot air" after all.

If the CIA-MIB-Alien conglomeration played some part in Kennedy's assassination, then what kind of evidence is there to support the idea? From the following quote is seems as if the aliens themselves might have played a role in the tragedy, however the question to ask would be what 'percentage' of influence did they have in it all? In his book 'THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES', p. 93 (Signet 1975 paperback edition), John A. Keel states in regards to UFO witnesses: "...Sometimes after watching an object their telephones will suddenly ring... and there will be no one on the line. Or their doorbells will ring by themselves. Obviously these things are manifestations of the electro-magnetic (EM) spectrum..." And on pp. 86-87 of the same book: "Eventually I learned that the CIA had a habit of enlisting very young people between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five, frequently involving them in bizarre scenarios. Considerable evidence exists indicating that Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA pawn early on. Today the CIA has an annual budget in excess of $11 billion, and it doesn't have to account to the president or Congress. A large part of this budget is probably wasted on bureaucratic nonsense, and another large part is spent on what can only be termed malicious mischief. Technically, the CIA has no legal authority or responsibilities within the continental United States, but if you open a phone book for any moderate- sized U.S. city you will find a local CIA office listed. They also maintain thousands of 'fronts', offices disguised as legitimate businesses, throughout the country. During the recent Watergate debacle investigating reporters documented the fact that some of the participants were not only longtime CIA agents, but also that these same men had been involved in the abortive Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961, and some had been present in Dealey Plaza in Dallas on the day President Kennedy was assassinated. It is noteworthy that reporters, editors, and citizens engaged in the investigation of President Kennedy's death suffered harassment and telephone problems identical to those experienced by UFO researchers..." And then, in Keel's book 'OUR HAUNTED PLANET' (1968., Fawcett., Greenwich, Conn.) pp. 113-114, we read: "Another group of CIA-baiting researchers is now over-lapping into ufology. They are the comparatively small teams of amateur sleuths dedicated to investigating the assassination of President Kennedy. Here the black Cadillacs and the slight, dark men in black suits are viewed as Cubans and CIA agents. Paranoia runs high because now over fifty witnesses--as of 1968--, reporters, and assassination investigators have met with sudden death, under the most suspicious circumstances. The full story of Kennedy's murder in Dallas in 1963 is filled with incredible details, many of them similar to things found in the most mysterious of the UFO incidents. Photos and physical evidence have vanished or been tampered with just as in so many UFO cases. A wide assortment of mystery men have been involved, including DOPPELGANGERS of the late Lee Harvey Oswald - see Richard Popkin's 'THE SECOND OSWALD'. This other Oswald even turned up at a public rifle range before the assassination, making a nuisance of himself (so the witnesses would be sure to remember him?) he FIRED AN UNUSUAL GUN WHICH SPAT OUT BALLS OF FIRE AT THE TARGET. He also visited an automobile showroom and went for a demonstration ride in a new car. The real Oswald could not drive. His whereabouts at the time of these incidents are known... and he was nowhere near the rifle range and auto agency. The huge WARREN REPORT contains numerous pieces of sworn testimony describing MIB-type men in the vicinity of Dealey Plaza and the School Book Depository building immediately before and after the assassination. Long-haired men were seen. This may not sound extraordinary, but remember that long hair was most unusual in 1963. The Beatles did not begin to make an impression until 1964, and the long-hair fad did not get underway until 1965-66...

Now returning to William Cooper's exposition:

All of the witnesses who were close enough to the car to see William Greer shoot Kennedy were themselves all murdered within two years of the event. The Warren Commission was a farce, and COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS MEMBERS MADE UP THE MAJORITY OF ITS PANEL. They succeeded in snowing the American people.

Many other patriots who attempted to reveal the alien secret also have been murdered throughout the intervening years. At the present time over 200 material witnesses or people actually involved with the assassination are dead. The odds against this happening are so high that no one has been able to calculate them. The odds against the first 18 to die within two years of the assassination were calculated as ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND TRILLION TO ONE. You can order a copy of the film by sending $30 plus $3 postage & handling to The William Cooper Foundation., 19744 Beach Blvd., Suite 301., Huntington Beach, California 92648 (Available also from this address are several other of William Cooper's writings - Branton).

In December 1988 I had a phone conversation during which I told John Lear what I had seen in the Navy concerning the Kennedy assassination. I told him that I had been looking for a film that showed Greer shoot JFK for 16 years but had not found one. I was shocked and very pleasantly surprised when John asked me, 'Would you like to see it?' I, of course, replied in the affirmative and John invited Annie and me to his home in Las Vegas. We spent four days with John. He not only showed me the film but gave me a video copy. I showed the video whenever I spoke to a group of people. The film is titled DALLAS REVISITED. John told me that he obtained it from a CIA acquaintance whom he was not at liberty to name. I later found out the originator of that version of the Zapruder film was Lars Hansson. John Lear was showing the film at every meeting that he conducted.

Shortly after Lear gave me a copy of the film, Lars Hansson called and asked if he could drop by to meet with me at my home in Fullerton, California. I told him he could and asked him to bring a better copy of the film if he had one. Lars said that he would. He stated that he would also bring a film on a man named Bo Gritz, of whom I had never heard (Note: Bo Gritz has produced video documentaries of his personal investigations into the 'Golden Triangle' of southeast Asia in his attempts to locate missing P.O.W.'s from Vietnam, many of whom according to his "sources" are still being held there. According to Gritz, 'they' had on many occasions almost succeeded in releasing some of these prisoners, but at the last minute certain "powers" sabotaged the rescues. He later learned that the White House was attempting to ignore the whole situation and in spite of the evidence try to convince the nation that such prisoners do not exist. One reason for their bizarre efforts to sabotage such rescues may be that, according to one Golden Triangle drug lord that Gritz spoke with, the secret govt. DOES NOT WANT THESE PRISONERS TO COME HOME BECAUSE OF THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF CIA-GOLDEN TRIANGLE DRUG OPERATIONS! One very powerful Drug Lord whom Bo Gritz spoke with offered to help the Government in any way they could in respect to the POW problem. The 'U.S.' Government rejected his overtures! It is uncertain whether 'this' was the tape that Lars Hansson showed Cooper, as Mr. Gritz has apparently produced several tapes and documentaries. One source has informed us that some of the men who made the trip to southeast Asia with Gritz to interview the Drug Lord--the one who told them of the CIA connections--later died under mysterious circumstances. The person who related this felt that the reason the secret government was afraid to touch Bo Gritz himself was because of the fact that he was one of the most decorated war heroes in the Vietnam War. His death might have caused too many waves. We have been unable to confirm this report concerning Bo Gritz' associates however - Branton).

Mr. Hansson informed me that he had made the video for Bo Gritz and John Lear and that both were using it in their lectures. I found out much later that Bo Gritz was selling the tape for $10 per copy.

Lars came to the house, brought the film on videotape and we spoke for about an hour. His main purpose was to tell me that he wanted me to expose people to the film but did not want me to connect him to the film in any manner. I agreed not to divulge the source and I kept my word. I began to use the tape in my lectures. When I found out that Bo Gritz was making it available, I bowed to the public pressure and also made it available.

Some time later I read an L.A.-based newsletter (forgot the name) in which Lars Hansson stated that he did not know that I had the film and did not know that I was showing it at lectures. Hansson stated in the newsletter that he was at my Hollywood High lecture on November 5, 1989, and that he tried to protest my use of it during the question-and-answer period but that he never had a chance to be recognized.

We videotaped the event, and at the end I asked anyone with questions or comments to walk to a microphone that we had placed in the aisle. I have examined every inch of that videotape and Lars Hansson never got up from his seat, nor did he ever raise his hand, nor did he attempt in any way to be recognized.

Lars later called me again and asked me not to use his voice on the tape, his voice where he says with no hesitation or qualification whatsoever, as he narrates the videotape, 'The driver of the car turns with his left arm over his right shoulder with a pistol and fires. You see the .45 automatic, .45-caliber nickel-plated automatic weapon in his left hand. He's firing over his right shoulder; you see it in relief. You see his head pointing backwards towards the President. In this enhanced close-up you see the impact of the bullet upon the president. The force of the shot drives him violently backward against the back of the seat. You see Mrs. Kennedy react in horror.' Then later in the film Lars Hansson makes the statement: 'You can clearly see his (the driver's) head turning and his arm, and the weapon extending into view over his right shoulder.' I agreed not to use his voice. In subsequent lectures I showed the tape with no audio. As it turned out, people were able to see it better with no narration.

It is important that you understand the above, because in the late summer of 1990, after I had been showing the film for over a year and a half, Lars Hansson began to show up on radio proclaiming that Greer, the driver, did not shoot the President (was he threatened by his superiors? - Branton). Lars Hansson showed up at my fall 1990 Beverly Hills High School lecture and disrupted the lecture, yelling out taunts and otherwise making an ass out of himself. When the lecture ended he accosted people in the lobby and, along with David Lifton, attempted to convince members of the audience that they didn't really see Greer shoot Kennedy. To their credit most of the audience told Hansson and Lifton to stick it where the sun don't shine. Once people see it with their own eyes they can no longer be fooled. Hansson, Lifton, Grodin, and the other agents of the Secret Government are running out of time. Americans are catching on to the scam. I shudder to think what will happen to these people when Americans finally get angry. Do not forget that Lear informed me that his source for the film was a CIA agent who later turned out to be Lars Hansson.

Hansson later claimed that I violated his copyright. He had no copyright. Hansson himself had violated someone's copyright by making the film and giving it to me, Lear, and Gritz. I didn't and still don't give a damn about copyright on THIS particular film. If I did, no one would ever know who really killed our President...

Robert Grodin then entered the picture. He publicly challenged me to appear and debate him. He claimed that he had a copy of the Zapruder film showing that Greer never took his hands off the wheel of the car. Grodin is an active secret government agent whose job is to CONFUSE the public and perpetuate the coverup.

I called Bob Grodin and accepted his challenge. I invited him to appear with me at Beverly Hills High School and show his film. I would show my film. The audience would decide. He refused. He refused because he knows what I know, that the audience would boo him out of town. Grodin knows that Greer shot Kennedy because he is part of the cover-up.

Bob Grodin is the same Bob Grodin who claims to be the world's foremost independent photo-interpretation expert. Bob Grodin has NO photographic education whatsoever. He has never worked with photography. Bob Grodin has never been a photographic interpreter in his life. He has been lying to the public about his credentials for all these years and no one even checked; not even Congress checked his credentials when they hired him. Do you really think that was an accident? I HAVE A DEGREE IN PHOTOGRAPHY.

Bob Grodin is the same Bob Grodin who was hired by the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1976. He is the same Bob Grodin who BLATANTLY LIED to the committee and told them that the driver, William Greer, never took his hands off the wheel. His job is to write books and confuse you. His job is to maintain the position that the government lied and that there was a conspiracy (Note: Shortly after the release of the movie "J.F.K.", Grodin appeared on the Geraldo Rivera show, admitting that there was a conspiracy, but greatly GENERALIZING as to who was really responsible. Grodin even 'claimed' that his own life had been threatened several times for revealing his version of the conspiracy. Was this merely so much mis-information to confuse the public and divert their attention from the Secret Service "S.S." and Greer as Cooper claims? - Branton).

His (i.e. Grodin's) job is to prevent you from knowing the truth about WHO DID kill the President. You cannot welcome the New World Order if you have faith in the government. You WILL have faith in your government if you learned that Greer killed Kennedy ON ORDERS OF THE ILLUMINATI AND THAT IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LEGAL, CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE MAN WHO WAS IN CHARGE OF THE SECRET SERVICE AT THE TIME OF THE ASSASSINATION BECAME THE MAN IN CHARGE OF SECURITY FOR THE ROCKEFELLER FAMILY UPON HIS RETIREMENT? Well, now you know. You should also know that BOB GRODIN IS A FRIEND OF LESLIE WATKINS, AND IT IS BOB GRODIN'S NAME THAT WATKINS USES AS THE ALIAS OF THE ASTRONAUT CITED IN 'ALTERNATIVE 003'. Did you know that when Ricky White made appearances on talk radio across the country to say that his father killed Kennedy, that Bob Grodin accompanied him? Did you know that every time a caller asked Ricky White a question, GRODIN ANSWERED FOR HIM? Do you really believe that is a coincidence? Ricky White's father did not kill Kennedy.

For years I have been telling people and audiences about THE DISCREPANCIES BETWEEN THE DOCTOR'S REPORTS IN DALLAS AND THE AUTOPSY REPORT MADE AT BATHESDA NAVAL HOSPITAL. I HAVE REVEALED THAT THE WOUNDS WERE TAMPERED WITH AND CHANGED. I have been telling the world that the body was removed from its casket aboard the plane and was taken out the galley door and onto a marine helicopter, and that the body arrived at Bethesda Naval Hospital a full 30 minutes before the empty official casket. I have stated that the President's brain had disappeared and told why it had disappeared.

All of a sudden David Lifton appeared on radio and TV in 1990 telling the world that he had NEW evidence that HE had discovered. Every bit of his new evidence was exactly what I had been telling people for years. It was the same information that I had told Bob Swan in 1972. Lifton showed up at my lecture at Beverly Hills High School. After making a scene at the box office because he had to pay, Lifton accosted anyone who ventured into the lobby, AND ALONG WITH LARS HANSSON, ATTEMPTED TO CONVINCE THEM THAT THEY DID NOT SEE GREER SHOOT KENNEDY. LEGITIMATE PEOPLE WOULD NEVER HAVE RESORTED TO SUCH DISGRACEFUL AND DISCREDITING BEHAVIOR. My testimony and the public's outrage after seeing the murder of President Kennedy with their own eyes, has seriously damaged the cover-up. THE BEHAVIOR OF GRODIN, LIFTON, AND HANSSON REVEALS THE DEGREE OF DAMAGE. The public can now see without any doubt that they are either part of the cover- up or that they are totally incompetent researchers, and in the case of Grodin, a bare-faced liar who may have committed treason.

In the middle of all this, 'Hard Copy' TV magazine called me and wanted to see the film. I showed them the film and they were shocked, excited and wanted an exclusive. I gave it to them BUT TOLD THEM THAT I DOUBTED THAT IT WOULD EVER GET ON THE AIR. A date was arranged to film an episode for airing, but just before we were scheduled to go on camera AN NBC EXECUTIVE CALLED THE LOS ANGELES STUDIOS OF 'HARD COPY' AND TOLD THEM NOT TO AIR THE FILM (Note: One item which may relate to "NBC's" suppression of the film is the fact that the President of NBC advocates the complete dis-arming of the population, stating that the police and the military are the only one's who "deserve" to own a gun, and that such gun control should be enforced even if it means the restructuring of the Constitution to do it. This is a sure sign that at least some of the leaders of NBC are part of the "Secret Government" agenda, which desires gun control for the sole purpose of breaking any potential resistance to any future attempt to establish a socialist-totalitarian society - Branton).

I tried to find out the name of the executive, but no luck. That was the end of that. THE PRODUCER THAT HAD TRIED TO AIR MY STORY AND THE KENNEDY FILM IS NO LONGER WITH 'HARD COPY.' HER NAME IS BUBS HOPPER.

I was approached by another producer (don't remember his name) from 'INSIDE EDITION,' another TV magazine, who told me that Americans needed to see the film. I agreed to be on the show BUT TOLD HIM THE SAME THING, THAT I DID NOT BELIEVE IT WOULD EVER AIR. A week later I was listening to David Lifton on a radio talk show. Someone called in and asked David if he knew who I was and David Lifton said, 'I KNOW WHO HE IS AND WE HAVE A SURPRISE FOR MR. COOPER. WE ARE GOING TO PUT HIM AWAY FOR GOOD ON A NATIONAL TV SHOW. WE ARE GOING TO GET A FULL ACCOUNTING FROM THAT GUY.'

I had someone call the producer and cancel because HE HAD LIED TO ME. He pleaded to have me on. I relayed through this intermediary that I would appear only if I could have editorial control to make sure that he did not edit the segment to ridicule the film. He refused, and I then knew his intention all along had been to discredit me. WHEN THE SEGMENT AIRED, LARS HANSSON WAS USED AS A STAND-IN, IN MY PLACE. Hansson, the man who had been attacking me, stating that Greer had not fired at Kennedy, was now on TV stating that GREER KILLED KENNEDY! THE REASON BECAME OBVIOUS, AS THEY HAD BOB GRODIN ON THE NEXT SEGMENT. GRODIN RIDICULED AND DEBUNKED HANSSON AND THE FILM. THEY HAD INTENDED TO DO A HATCHET JOB ON ME, BUT WHEN I CANCELED THEY COULD ATTACK THE FILM ONLY WITH HANSSON TAKING MY PLACE. IT HAD EVERY EARMARK OF AN AGENCY OPERATION. IT DIDN'T WORK.

I discovered the next ploy when on radio Grodin stated that he would soon (finally) release a video of his so-called pristine copy of the Zapruder film OVEREXPOSED to bring out the detail in the shadows. OVEREXPOSURE WOULD COMPLETELY WASH OUT GREER'S ARM AND THE GUN, WHICH ARE BOTH IN FULL SUNLIGHT AND HAVE THE EFFECT OF RENDERING BOTH INVISIBLE TO THE VIEWER. I hope that people are not as stupid as Grodin thinks they are. I will debate anyone at any time as long as it's in front of a live audience and nothing is edited. I have seen what a film editor can do to make people seem to say and do things that were never said or done.

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