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ANOTHER MAJOR FINDING WAS THAT THE ALIENS WERE USING HUMANS AND ANIMALS FOR A SOURCE OF GLANDULAR SECRETIONS, ENZYMES, HORMONAL SECRETIONS, BLOOD PLASMA AND POSSIBLY IN GENETIC EXPERIMENTS. The aliens explained these actions as necessary to their survival. They stated that their genetic structure had deteriorated and that they were no longer able to reproduce. They stated that if they were unable to improve their genetic structure, their race would soon cease to exist. WE LOOKED UPON THEIR EXPLANATIONS WITH SUSPICION (Note: According to sources which we will quote later on, the actual purposes of the mutilations are far different than what these alien creatures allege them to be. Some groups connected to MJ-12 however seem to have fallen for this propaganda, such as the top secret 'Yellow Fruit' unit working in Nevada who are, or at least were at one point, convinced that the 'grays' were incapable of reproducing. In spite of 'their' allegations that they cannot reproduce, certain witnesses have alleged that the saurian grays are actually reproducing profusely within DEEP underground levels utilizing solar-heat 'egg' hatcheries, polyembryony tanks, cloning, etc. Also, the body fluids according to other sources are not used exclusively for 'improving their genetic structure' but as sustenance or 'food' for the saurian grays, etc. Their claims to the contrary, as well as other allegations, should be studied in the light of their previous known TENDENCIES TO LIE - Branton).

Since our weapons were literally useless against the aliens, Majesty Twelve decided to continue friendly diplomatic relations UNTIL SUCH A TIME AS WE WERE ABLE TO DEVELOP A TECHNOLOGY WHICH WOULD ENABLE US TO CHALLENGE THEM ON A MILITARY BASES. Overtures would have to be made to the Soviet Union and other nations to join forces for the survival of humanity. In the meantime PLANS WERE DEVELOPED TO RESEARCH AND CONSTRUCT TWO WEAPONS SYSTEMS USING CONVENTIONAL AND NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY, WHICH WOULD HOPEFULLY BRING US TO PARITY.

The results of the research were Projects JOSHUA and EXCALIBUR. JOSHUA was a weapon captured from the Germans which was capable of shattering 4-inch-thick armor plate at a range of two miles. It used aimed, low-frequency sound waves, and it was believed that this weapon would be effective against the alien craft and beam weapons. EXCALIBUR was a weapon carried by a missile not to rise above 30,000 feet above ground level (AGL), not to deviate from designated target more than 50 meters, able to... penetrate '1,000 METERS OF TUFA, HARD-PACKED SOIL SUCH AS THAT FOUND IN NEW MEXICO,' carry a one-megaton warhead, and intended for use in destroying the aliens in their underground bases (Note: According to many sources several of the 'alien' underground bases contain humans - human-soulled-hybrids, and human captives both living and in cold storage, who have been the victims of alien abductions from surface and in some cases subsurface or extrasurface communities. Obviously, EXCALIBUR should not be used against such installations, but the surface- to-subsurface routes should be sought out and an underground invasion force should be utilized to destroy the aliens yet spare any surviving humans and take the bases intact. To do otherwise may be in essence 'sacrificing' innocent lives needlessly to get an advantage over the aliens, in which case we would prove ourselves to be no better than the alien-grays/sauroids themselves! In connection with the JOSHUA anti-spacecraft weapon, extreme caution should of course be used to distinguish human-occupied spacecraft from those craft utilized by the saurians - Branton).

JOSHUA was developed successfully but never used, to my knowledge. EXCALIBUR was not pushed until recent years and now, we are told, THERE IS AN UNPRECEDENTED EFFORT TO DEVELOP THIS WEAPON. The public would be told that EXCALIBUR would be needed to take out Soviet underground command posts. We know that is not true because one rule of war is that you try not to destroy the leaders. They are needed to ensure peaceful transition of power and compliance of the populace to all negotiated or dictated terms.

The events at Fatima in the early part of the century were scrutinized. ON THE SUSPICION THAT IT WAS AN ALIEN MANIPULATION, AN INTELLIGENCE OPERATION WAS PUT INTO MOTION TO PENETRATE THE SECRECY SURROUNDING THE EVENT. THE UNITED STATES UTILIZED ITS VATICAN MOLES AND SOON OBTAINED THE ENTIRE VATICAN STUDY, WHICH INCLUDED THE PROPHECY... The prophecy demanded that Russia be consecrated to the 'Sacred Heart' (of the "Madonna" - Branton). It stated that a child would be born who would unite the world with a plan for world peace and a false religion. The people would discern that he was evil and was indeed the Anti-Christ. World War III would begin in the Middle East with an invasion of Israel of a United Arab nation using conventional weapons, which would culminate in a near holocaust. Most of the life on this planet would suffer horribly and die as a result. The return of Christ would occur shortly thereafter (Note: This "prophecy" actually REVERSES the sequence of events from the sequence in which they are given in Judeo-Christian prophecy. For instance the prophecies in Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation do indicate that a period of time will occur when the following will take place within a short space: The Divine "rescue" of believers in and followers of "The Lamb" who will be taken to the "New Jerusalem" command now en route from the "Eternity Gate" in the Orion Nebula, and which is not to be confused with other negative, etc. beings who are in that same area monitoring the "Gate" for various reasons; also an invasion of Israel involving Arab and other allied armies resulting in the nuclear destruction of 5/6ths of the invading armies; the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple and the re-instituting of animal sacrifices; and the rise of a COUNTERFEIT "Messiah" who will "shortly after" the attempted invasion of Jerusalem most likely claim to be the returned Christ and who will reign for the following seven years as supreme "god" of the world, and at the end of which--i.e. the 7-year "tribulation" period--the TRUE Christ will arrive with his armies of angelic light beings and "regenerated believers" from the "New Jerusalem" command. The fact that the "aliens" REVERSED the sequence of events may indicate that a COUNTERFEIT "Antichrist" will rise before these events mentioned above and be labeled as such, and possibly when this "False Antichrist" is taken care of BEFORE the Jerusalem invasion the ACTUAL Antichrist who will rule from Rome shortly into the 7-year period AFTER the invasion will rise and not be suspected as much for what he/it is - Branton).

When the aliens were confronted with this finding," Cooper continues, "they confirmed that it was true. The aliens explained that they had created us through genetic manipulation in a laboratory. They stated that they had manipulated the human race through religion, Satanism, witchcraft, magic, and the occult (Note: Such "revelations" were also said to appear in the alleged "Yellow Book", which may in itself be a type of alien propaganda. Aside from outright deception the aliens--or saurian grays--apparently utilize HALF TRUTHS as well. By telling people certain obvious facts such as the fact that they were behind the Fatima manifestations and that they manipulate occult societies-- apparently confessions made when they were "backed into a corner" with the facts--they apparently gain an element of human trust, through which they are able to convey other strategic, damning lies, such as the claim that they "created us." This lie alone could potentially destroy the desire within millions to resist these creatures, leading them to succumb to the demands of the aliens with the idea that they cannot fight against their own "creators." Truth is useless unless it is believed and practiced IN FULL. As we read in Galatians 5:9 "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump." Or, one "virulent" lie can corrupt a good deal of truth - Branton).

...The aliens showed a hologram, which they claim was the actual crucifixion of Christ. The Government filmed the hologram. We did not know whether to believe them." (Note: If humans can develop computer-generated "virtual reality" images and are on the verge of being able to record dream sequences on video, then certainly such a high-tech though malevolent race as the "grays" could create programmed holographic images to deceive and manipulate the human race, as part of their propaganda- control scenarios. There is even evidence, according to various abductees, that "they" can "retrieve" holographic memories from the human subconscious and monitor them; create "halo effects" or post-hypnotic dream-like sequence that seem real but are not; or potentially create their own "holographic" virtual reality sequences via combined technology and collective consciousness, and show the "recording" of this to U.S. government officials. Their depiction of Christ's crucifixion may be such a "programmed" hologram unless, of course, the serpent race was in fact monitoring the crucifixion in that ancient time via occult- technological means - Branton)

In reference to the "Fatima" episode, the information related by Cooper to the effect that the "aliens" were behind the so-called appearances of the "Modonna," the so-called "Mother of God," or the "Queen of Heaven" who is supposedly the "Mediatrix" of salvation (an idea which is mysteriously absent within Judeo- Christian scripture), seems to be confirmed by other researchers such as John A. Keel. Keel identified several connections between the "Fatima" (and other similar) manifestations and the UFO phenomena, particularly those involving physical-paraphysical aspects such as the "gray" encounters.

In essence, the "visions" would have been some type of electromagnetic "hologram" and the miraculous healings would simply be super-advanced "medicine", perhaps utilizing certain types of electromagnetic rays. Entirely supernatural miracles do take place, as we read in the New Testament writings, but the reptilian conspiracy have often attempted to 'counterfeit' the works of Christ for their own purposes, much of which seems to involve attempts to manipulate human minds and emotions. Purposes which also seem to involve attempts to manipulate humans into surrendering themselves to the powers behind these counterfeit miracles, or surrendering the mythological "Mother Goddess" image which the conspiracy powers seem to utilize.

Actually, the "Mother Goddess" image surrounding Fatima, etc., has nothing to do whatsoever with the Christian religion (which Catholicism "claims" to be). The "mother goddess" myth began originally with the ancient Babylonian Queen Semiramis, who was responsible for the re-establishing of witchcraft, idolatry, astrology and even human sacrifice in post-deluvian times. Some even suspect that Semiramis was even in league with the serpent race. She was certainly in contact with the "Infernals."

From Babylon the "Mother Goddess" legend (Semiramis being the supposed "Mother Goddess") spread throughout the world. Isis, Venus, Ashtaroth, Aphrodite, the Modonna and other appellations are actually names which can be traced back to Semiramis!

It is a historical fact that in pagan Rome a version of the "Mother Goddess" religion was in existence, and even before the "Catholic" church came to power the HILL "Vaticanus" was, as we've said in earlier writings, a center of activity for the "Mystery Babylon" religion (and a point of contact between pagan Roman priests and so-called underworld "gods"?). As for the "Virgin" Mary, true - she was a virgin at the time she conceived Christ, but the New Testament makes it clear that she later married and conceived other children naturally. The idea that she was a virgin throughout her life is fallacious. True, she was "honored" above all women in that she gave birth to the Messiah, but she was not sinless and Jesus made this perfectly clear along with the fact that, although she was the "Mother" of his physical body, she was NOT the Mother of his Spirit as the tragic play on words "Mother of God" has led many to believe. Christ did not claim to be half God and half Man, but 100% God and 100% Man. He was and is unique in all eternity in that He is physically entirely human but spiritually entirely God Almighty. This is what he claimed to be, and since no other "spiritual" leader has succeeded in rising themselves from the grave as reams of evidence claim that Christ did, perhaps we should listen to what this man from Galilee was saying. Apparently the serpent race took advantage of this confusion and, through psychological manipulation, attempted to destroy in the minds of humanity the supreme position of Christ by claiming that he was a ferocious dictator who could only be approached through petitioning the "compassionate and understanding" and supposedly Divine "Mediatrix" (or "Mother Goddess/Mother of God") that they tried to make Mary out to be. Does going to a cross willfully and taking upon oneself the sins of humanity make One an angry and unsympathetic God? The Holy Bible says there is no other "Mediator" between Almighty God and fallen humanity, and this includes "Mary". So one can see the enormous hypocrisy of the serpent race propagating the idea that "their" woman of Fatima is the mediator of salvation, much less their claim that they created Humanity AND Christ through bio-genetic manipulation. Was the "Roman" church one of the religions which the grays have been "manipulating" for centuries?

In his book "COSMIC TRIGGER: THE FINAL SECRET OF THE ILLUMINATI" (chapter: "The Sirius Connection"), Robert A. Wilson states the following:

...Prof. Jacques Vallee, who has analyzed all such Contact stories that have occurred since 1890 with a computer to find statistical patterns, informs us that... the majority of child female extraterrestrials. The majority of adults report males, in two standard types--small green men (gray-greens? - Branton) or giant blue men (moon-eyes? - Branton). Dr. Vallee has found 44 parallels (similarities of image, word and detail) between the average experience of child Contactees and the miracles attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary in Catholic countries. 'The UFO and BVM,' he has said, only half jokingly, 'seem to be the same phenomenon.' The Lady most often appears to children, whether she comes in a 'space ship' or 'from Heaven'; She is accompanied by flashing white light, usually; and at Her best, She is capable of suspending the laws of physics in clear view (or telepathically shared hallucination) of huge crowds."

Jacques Vallee himself, in his book "ANATOMY OF A PHENOMENA", states: "...We will find extraordinary descriptions, including vertical cigars, landings, kidnappings and even a frightful report of a being eight feet tall who is said to have landed on January 22, 1922! More seriously, the description made at Fatima, Portugal, OF A SILVERY DISK WHICH FLEW THROUGH THE SKY, WAS SEEN BY SEVENTY THOUSAND WITNESSES AND WAS PHOTOGRAPHED AS IT MANEUVERED, deserves a place in our resume of the 'flying saucer' legend..."

In this same book, Vallee states: "The crowd that stood in a field in Fatima, a small village in the district of Leiria, some sixty-two miles north of Lisbon, on October 13, 1917, was waiting there for a miracle, because three children had been assured such an event would take place after a number of meetings with an 'entity' that came from the sky in a globe of light. The witnesses were three shepherds: Lucia, aged ten, and her cousins Francisco Mario and Jacinto Marto, aged nine and seven. Today, Fatima is one of the most celebrated places of pilgrimage in the entire world."

...According to the very words of the Reverend General Vicar of Leiria, who was one of the witnesses, the lady came in an 'aeroplane of light,' an 'immense globe, flying westwards, at moderate speed. It irradiated a very bright light.' Some other witnesses saw a white being coming out of the globe, which several minutes later took off, disappearing in the direction of the sun.

The last episode was the miracle itself. It was seen by seventy thousand persons, among whom were pious individuals and atheists, clergymen and reporters from a socialist newspaper. As promised, it happened on October 13 at noon. Among the crowd was Professor Almeida Garrett, of Coimbra University, a scientist, who described the phenomena in the following terms: 'It was raining hard, and the rain trickled down everyone's clothes. Suddenly, the sun shone through the dense cloud which covered it: everybody looked in its direction. IT LOOKED LIKE A DISC, OF A VERY DEFINITE CONTOUR. It was not dazzling. I don't think that it could be compared to a dull silver disk, as someone said later in Fatima. No. It rather possessed a clear, changing brightness, which one could compare to a pearl. It looked like a polished wheel. This is not poetry. My eyes have seen it. This clear-shaped disk suddenly began turning. It rotated with increasing speed. Suddenly, the crowd began crying with anguish. The sun (disk?), revolving all the time, began falling toward the earth, reddish and bloody, threatening to crush everyone under its fiery weight...'

Researcher John A. Keel, in his book "UFOS: OPERATION TROJAN HORSE", pp. 260-261 & 264-268, gives some further details on this aspect, suggesting that the event may have been a combination of "Men In Black" and saurian gray "little men" attempting to manipulate people's religious fervor for their own purposes:

Here we have an event of major importance with 70,000 witnesses, many of them priests, scientists, and journalists. It came at a time when Europe was shuddering with the violence of the First World War and religious faith was being strained by the insanity of sudden death. It would become one of the most thoroughly investigated UFO-type incidents of the period. Innumerable books were written about it, yet none of these books contained photos of the actual object. There were plenty of pictures of the crowds, many of whom were pointing cameras skyward. But what happened to all the pictures they must have taken? What happened to all the movie footage? I have tried to locate some of these photographs without success. I can only assume that they were collected by somebody and locked away in some secret archive. Since there was no U.S. Air Force and no CIA to blame this on, who did confiscate those pictures?

In the initial reports of the phenomena, all the witnesses agreed that the object was white AND SEEMINGLY METALLIC, and that it changed color as the speed of rotation increased. Later, myth and mysticism replaced fact. The DISK became 'the sun,' even though observatories around the world assured the press that the sun remained in its usual place during the 'miracle'. As the years passed, the miracle of 'the sun' were gradually played down, and emphasis was shifted to the saintliness of the three children. The silvery angel hair is now described as 'rose petals' in most current literature.

...Fatima was a modern event, yet it is already clouded with the distortions of 'belief'. The Photographs of the object had 'disappeared.' The key prophecy has been suppressed. Lucia shut herself away from the world. As the years passed, the object was turned into a 'dancing sun,' the angel hair became 'rose petals,' and the entire phenomena was removed from the field of science and entrusted to the religionists...

"There have been many modern miracles of the Fatima type, but they rarely gain much attention outside of religious circles. The flying saucers get much more publicity than the miracles.

Between the years 1937 and 1945, an entity who identified herself as the Queen of the Universe appeared more than 100 times to four young girls in the tiny hamlet of Heede, Germany. The girls, aged twelve through fourteen, were Anna Schulte, Greta and Maria Ganseforth, and Susan Bruns. These visions began in November, 1937 and continued throughout the war, with the Lady urging the world to 'pray, pray much, especially for the conversion of sinners.' Hitler was probably none too happy about all of this, especially since he openly considered himself to be Antichrist.

(There are all kinds of stories and rumors that Hitler was a trance medium himself and was in contact with evil entities who advised him and directed many of his genocidal policies.)

Lesser miracles have included weeping statues and pictures which seem to fit into the poltergeist category.

...On Sunday, June 18, 1961, four young girls were playing marbles outside of the little village of Garabandal, Spain, when they suddenly saw an 'angel.' The girls, Mary Cruz Gonzales, eleven, Conchita Gonzales, twelve, Jacinta Gonzales, twelve, and Mary Loly Mazon, twelve (none of the Gonzales girls were directly related), said that he appeared to be about nine years old, was dressed in a long, seamless blue robe, had a small face with BLACK EYES, and 'fine hands and short fingernails.' For some reason, he gave the impression of being very strong. This figure was surrounded by a dazzling glow and faded into thin air without saying a word...

Soon after these initial experiences, the girls began to go into trances (termed a state of ecstasy by religionists) during which they would see the Lady. Sometimes these trances would last for hours, and the girls would remain fixed in an awkward kneeling position and their heads thrown back and their eyes staring at the vision, totally oblivious to the hundreds of people swarming around them.

The Lady was accompanied by two angels on this occasion. The 'angels' were dressed alike, 'as if they were twins.' The Lady had long, thin hands, a long angular face 'with a fine nose.' and lips which were 'a bit thin.' She seemed to be 'rather tall' (Note: Elsewhere in his book Keel states that many of the "Men In Black" or "People" in black reported in other incidents were beings of the above description - Branton). Her hair was a deep nut brown, parted in the center. This is, of course, an almost classic description of the 'long finger' UFO entities described by many contactees. Even more startling, on the Lady's right the girls could see 'A SQUARE OF RED FIRE FRAMING A TRIANGLE WITH AN EYE AND SOME WRITING. THE LETTER WAS IN AN OLD ORIENTAL SCRIPT!'" (Note: this also seems to correspond with the ancient "Eye of Horus" of Egypt, which according to Illuminists represented Sirius and was a major emblem within the Babylonian Mystery Religion. There have been alleged photographs of obelisks on the Moon of the exact shape and description as those found in St. Peter's Square in Rome, in Egypt, and originally in Babylon. These four-sided, pyramidal-capped obelisks traditionally were the "alters" around which the ancient worshippers of Baal practiced their occult arts and were a combination of phallic and Sun symbols. Could such obelisks be a connecting factor between the ancient Babylonian-Egyptian "Mystery" society and exterran societies of a similar nature, such as perhaps the one alleged to exist in the Sirius system? - Branton).

The angels in all these cases sound suspiciously like our celebrated 'little men' (grays? - Branton).

...The many messages conveyed by the Lady have conformed precisely to Catholic dogma, using phrases and references which are significant to trained theologists but would be meaningless to children. The message of October 18, 1961, as dictated by the children, read: 'We must make many sacrifices, do much penance. We must visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently... unless we do this, a punishment will befall us.'

...On Friday, June 18, 1965, Conchita entered a trance and was purportedly given the following statements by the Lady: "

'As my message of the eighteenth of October has not been complied with, and as it has not been made known to the world, I am telling you that this is the last one. Previously, the cup was filling; now it is brimming over... You are now given the last warnings.' (Take note of the remarkable different between the humble, patient and longsuffering Christ of the New Testament, and this boasting, impatient and wrathful "Whore" of Babylon that has appeared to so many children the world over. This is certainly not like the "Mary" of the New Testament and, in fact, it is not! - Branton).

There is a wealth of evidence and testimony which leaves little doubt that these children of Garabandal were being possessed by some outside influence and were undergoing a supernormal experience...

THE NATION OF THE THIRD EYE - There is no reason to think that the four children of Garabandal," Keel continues, "had ever seen, or even knew about, the eye symbol on the Great Seal of the United States (i.e. the seal of the Illuminati - Branton). Nor is it remotely possible that the children, or any of the elders of Garabandal, could have known of the importance that this symbol plays in the silent contactee situation. In fact, very few ufologists are aware of it.


Why did the Third Eye appear beside the vision of Garabandal? Was it a symbol of identification? Or was it a warning?

...Eight young girls on the island of Cabra in the Philippines began to suffer visions in the early part of the year (March, 1968), and the feminine voice of 'the Virgin' promised a miracle. During the last week of March about 3,000 persons poured onto the island and waited. Some, including a university professor, a prominent obstetrician, and an army major, reported seeing A CIRCULAR OBJECT over the island. It whirled and changed through all the colors of the spectrum, they said.

Among the many correlations, you will note that the month of March and April have often played an important part in these events, just as March and April have always produced many of our principal UFO sightings. These religious manifestations are clearly a variation on the UFO manifestations (or vice versa). The same methods of communication are being employed in both phenomena, and the UFO entities bear a marked resemblance to the religious entities...

William Cooper continues with his report by stating:

...A symposium was held in 1957 which was attended by some of the great scientific minds then living. They reached the conclusion that by, or shortly after, the year 2000 the planet WOULD self-destruct due to increased population and man's exploitation of the environment WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM GOD OR THE ALIENS.

By secret Executive order of President Eisenhower, the JASON Scholars were ordered to study this scenario and make recommendations from their findings. The JASON Society CONFIRMED the findings of the scientists and made three recommendations called ALTERNATIVES 1, 2, AND 3.

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