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Adam Mortgage

Adam Mortgage:

Adam Mortgage has utilized the power of advanced technology to streamline the mortgage approval process to help close loans in a fast and efficient manner.

MCM PavingMCM Paving and Concrete
Momentum Financial

Momentum Financial:

Momentum Financial Group offers you a broad range of financial products and services. We're an independent firm that strives to choose the best products and services to help you meet your needs in the most economical and efficient way.

Medical Practice Consultant

Medical Practice Consultant:

Medical Practice Consultant, LLC is dedicated to assisting with improving medical practice operations. It is a physician practice management company that provides consulting services to medical practices interested in becoming more efficient.

Raceway AutomotiveRaceway Automotive:
Robert Smith Insurance
Robert Smith Insurance:

At Robert J Smith Insurance Agency, we believe that it is through this Agency's professionalism that you will be best protected. We do this by properly underwriting and servicing your account.

Texas Coastal Homes

Texas Coastal Homes:

A Round-About Living Custom Homes is a Texas distributor of Deltec Homes. They began with one of the most unique, yet time proven design concepts in history. We then added our own ingenuity and pride of workmanship to create a structure that has become world-renowned.


This alien ufo website is devoted to the study of UFOs, or UFOlogy and extraterrestrial life, their ships, and human origins.

You will find documents and photos from various resources regarding: Roswell, Area 51, S4, aliens and their ships, government cover-ups, conspiracies, and the origins of man.

Frank SegoviaFrank Segovia: Digital Studio

This site is designed to showcase various samples of my previous work. Due to the extensive types of media involved, I have grouped them by category. From traditional techniques to digital renderings to interesting combinations of each.

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