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Still on the subject of the strange events taking place in (and beneath) southern Nevada, we quote here part of a letter written by a subscriber to N.A.R. (Nevada Aerial Research - now Leading Edge Research), who made the following statements:

...Bob Lazar, the scientist, was talking about riding in a bus with the windows blacked out and it brought back something an airline stewardess told me last summer (1989). She said, 'I'm trying to relocate to another part of the country right now. Once a week, I'm assigned to a flight that I hate! We only have Armed Forces officers on THIS flight. Before we take off, we are instructed to pull the window covers over the windows! After we take off, we circle widely, about 15 minutes (it would be unnoticeable to most people) - fly straight for 15 minutes, circle again about 15 minutes and then land. After we land the flight crew is ushered into a lounge. A half hour later we repeat the process back to Las Vegas. The people are all different on the return trip. We are told, 'Don't tell anyone about these flights!' I just can't stand the tension on this flight!' "I think these trips are to Groom Lake!

The jets are still swarming over the Blue Diamond area. It's VERY odd. I know in my heart that it's more than just practice flights!

"Something else very odd: (I think this might have something to do with the tunnels). The apartment complex where I work (fourplexes) (450 of them)... Two or three days ago the manager asked the maintenance men if any of them were doing any work in ONE of the buildings. Everybody said no. She said ALL 4 APARTMENTS in that building had called her and said that an explosion knocked all the pictures off their walls and broke them. No one else, from any other building felt anything. The man I said who saw the landing at Holloman beat a path to me to tell me about this. ...A Las Vegas subscriber."

In addition to this, here is another item which appeared in one of the NAR newsletters: "On November 25th (1990), television station Channel 8 in Las Vegas televised a two hour special on UFOs, Area 51, S-4 and the UFO coverup. It is revealed that some of the people who contacted Channel 8 had their homes broken into in Las Vegas...

Also, the following information appeared in the NAR Newsletter, under the heading: "INTELLIGENCE REPORT" (also in reference to the UFO-Military connection):

NRO - National Recon Organization: Based at Fort Carson, Colorado. Responsible for all alien or alien craft connected projects. Use unmarked black helicopters.

DELTA - Security teams from NRO specially trained to provide tasked PROJECTS/LUNA security (MEN IN BLACK). This project is ongoing.

BLUE TEAM - The first project responsible for reaction/recovery of downed/crashed alien craft and/or aliens. This was an AF Material Command project.

UFO sightings of craft accompanied by black helicopters are REDLIGHT assets that originate at Groom Lake (Dreamland), Area 51 north of Las Vegas.

...PROJECTS: BLUE TEAM, SIGN, GRUDGE, AQUARIUS, SIGMA, PLUTO, SNOWBIRD, LUNA, GABRIEL, EXCALIBUR (1988)... (Note: These are some of the 'secret projects' allegedly relating to the U.S. Government's interaction with the UFO phenomena. Further details on these projects are available from Leading Edge Research., P.O. Box 481-MU58., Yelm, WA 98597. Although L.E.R. carries much documentable information from very reliable sources, the reader should be warned that they also carry some "occult channeled" information of an extremely dubious nature, which CANNOT be physically substantiated. But the "documentation" it does carry is extensive and very well compiled - Branton). (Project Snowbird is considered by some to be a 'red herring' to keep investigators from looking into Project Redlight, which is concerned with UFOs. - Ed.)

The 'INTELLIGENCE REPORT' segment in NAR-LER also revealed the following information concerning former Naval Officer Bill Cooper (who claims to have seen a copy of the 'Grudge/Blue Book Report No. 13,' while on active duty several years ago):

Bill Cooper recently received some strange phone calls in which the following statements were made by the caller:

'I called to tell you that you are wrong about the alien base. LUNA is the name of the base on the far side of the moon. The earth base is called Dreamland.

'You are in over your head. Would you like to end up in an asylum? If you continue your activities you will meet me sooner than you think. You should know who I am.'

Bill Cooper has some comments. We will print them:

'When I released PUBLIC 02.DOC (release of info on computer bulletin board) my purpose was to expose the documents and information released by William Moore et al as being fraudulent and misleading. MAJESTIC TWELVE is an advisory team of scientists who's only purpose is to evaluate information and make recommendations. The information gathered by the control group MAJI is released to MAJESTIC TWELVE when study is needed. MAJESTIC TWELVE has never been the whole truth. MAJI is the MAJESTIC AGENCY FOR JOINT INTELLIGENCE and has total control of information and interface with the aliens in dealings with the United States government. Some of the documents released by Moore were changed from the original with the deliberate intent to mislead UFO researchers. I believe that the government is behind the whole thing. The rest of the documents are deliberate frauds. MAJIC is the highest security classification in the nation...

" Referring once again to the subsurface regions, we quote now from yet another item which appeared in the N.A.R. newsletter, which was titled, 'IS INNER EARTH RESEARCH HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH?':

An observation has recently been made that most of the outstanding inner earth researchers have died of heart attack (Note: Heart attack is a recognized result of psychic attack among occultists who recognize the danger of certain types of occult warfare. It is tied-in with the terror apparently projected against persons by the initiators of such attack. It is possible that hominoid non-human beings such as the serpent races might have the ability to direct psychic attacks against human beings. It is interesting that there have been very few if any UFOlogists, etc., who claim to have taken up a devout "Christian" lifestyle, who have suffered in this way, suggesting that a deep "faith" in the Creator may neutralize such psychic attacks and make the "believers" impervious to their otherwise destructive influences - Branton). Surely, this is beyond a simple coincidence. Gray Barker, Dick Shaver, and Joan O'Connel (New Atlantean Journal) are but a few. Locally, there are several inner earth researchers who are very notable in their persistence.

Lew Tery, who has recently relocated to Utah, was the foremost local proponent of geomagnetic vortex/UFO connection theory. Lew was instrumental in the discovery of underground tunnel networks in the Las Vegas area, one of them being between the base of Boulder Dam and Jumbo Peak, where there are two mines whose owners view 200' diameter disks on a frequent basis. At one point, Lew offered to set up an interview with these miners. Alas, Mr. Tery is not to be found.

A local Henderson resident, who shall remain nameless, has been into inner earth research for years. This person has been hounded and chased due to intimate knowledge of inner earth tunnels in the local area.

There is obviously something here that some people wish to protect. Something to hide. Many seem to know what it is, and they speak cautiously about REPTILIAN HUMANOIDS and the SERPENT RACE, which are two subjects which seem to be surfacing again. Response to local television and radio programs featuring JOHN LEAR have been overwhelming. A recent lecture in Las Vegas drew over 700 people.

According to some sources, the 'Greys' are the lower level of a bigger scenario that involves this reptilian race...

The following information from William F. Hamilton III appeared in "UFO UNIVERSE" and describes further details on the "Yellow Fruit" account including claims which he made over the air during the few "interviews" which were heard over KVEG Radio's Billy Goodman talk show:

...Yellow Fruit revealed that A CONFLICT WAS GOING ON BETWEEN THE BENEVOLENT ONES and THE EBE's and that now the benevolent ones had gained the upper hand at Dreamland where he said a contingent of 37 benevolent ones were stationed and where 3 EBE's were held in captivity.

Bizarre! Science Fiction? Yellow Fruit knew a lot about the test site area. I resolved to go to the location he gave of the EBE installation in Deep Springs, California and then on to visit Pat at the Rachel Bar & Grill to make contact with Yellow Fruit (the name for the first level of security force at Area 51 and also the name of an old Army-CIA unit). The second level of security he called "Sea Spray" and intimated that you would have an encounter of the unpleasant kind if you ever met with them.

Callers to the Billy Goodman Radio Happening had already organized trips to mile-marker 29 1/2 on highway 375 where a dirt road left the highway to intersect the road to Dreamland. There was a heavy black mail box on this road which identified it. I got to Rachel early one October morning and left my card with Pat at Rachel's Bar and Grill to pass on to Yellow Fruit. She knew him by sight. I then inspected the dirt roads where people stood to observe the test flights. I had already interviewed four witnesses by phone who testified that they had seen UFOs over the Groom Mountains on certain nights in the same area they were seen by John Lear. I made a second trip to the area in late October where a public group visited Rachel and that is when I saw the mysterious Yellow Fruit in the cafe. He later called me on the phone. I left him with a copy of my book, 'Alien Magic' and he remarked on the research I had done concerning the search for underground bases.

According to Yellow Fruit and others there are underground bases and tunnels that conceal the activities of the aliens and secret government projects...

In connection with the subject of this File, that is the 'invasion' of an alien race from above and below utilizing mind- bending techniques and implantation, we will quote from Brad Steiger's 'THE UFO ABDUCTORS' (1988., Berkley Books., N.Y.):

In 1969 I and my research associates... Loring G. Williams and Glenn McWane, were bombarded with the claims of dozens of contactees who said that they had had an implant left somewhere in their skulls, usually just behind the left ear. These contactees/abductees came from a wide variety of occupations, cultural backgrounds, and age-groups.

"We employed private detectives and medical doctors... in an attempt to learn what archetype had been fed into their particular group consciousness. We never found any implants that were detectable to X rays, but our hypnotic sessions turned up an incredible amount of fascinating, albeit bizarre, information about underground UFO bases, hybrid aliens walking among us, and thousands of humans slowly turning into automatons because of readjusted brain wave patterns."

Dr. Clifford Wilson M.A., B.D., Ph.D., in his book "UFOS...AND THEIR MISSION IMPOSSIBLE" (Signet Books., N.Y.) presents his own "intelligence" contributions concerning the on- going invasion/infiltration of our society by alien powers:

...Not only have many seen UFOs, but there is also a growing army of those who claim to have had actual contact with UFO occupants. An authoritative, and possibly conservative, estimate is that there are 50,000 silent contactees in the United States alone.

It could well be there are thousands of people who do have information and are not prepared to reveal it because of threatened consequences to themselves. Possibly many do not know they have that 'knowledge' because they themselves gained it in a hypnotic state.

HYPNOTIZED SLAVES AWAIT A SIGNAL - Nations could be conquered by the infiltration of agents into government seats of authority, and it is surely more frightening to think that mankind could be overcome and even destroyed by programmed men and women from within their own ranks. If there is indeed a final confrontation approaching, an army of people could be involved. They could be ready to take action which they themselves do not even anticipate, but yet with no option but to obey because they have been conditioned to obey, at a given signal.

We are not alone in suggesting this dreadful possibility. To quote John Keel once again:

'We have no way of knowing how many human beings throughout the world have been processed in this manner, since they would have absolutely no memory of undergoing the experience, and so we have no way of determining who among us has strange and sinister 'programs' lying dormant in the dark corners of his mind.

'Suppose a plan is to process millions of people and then at some future date trigger all of those minds at one time? Would we suddenly have a world of saints? Or would we have a world of armed maniacs shooting at one another from bell towers?'

If Armageddon, to which the Bible points, is indeed a final battle in which human and nonhuman forces alike wage that dreadful conflict to the death, this sort of 'programming' is a real possibility, and it appears to be proceeding at breakneck speed across the whole of the world. It is reported that the term 'Armageddon' has been used in a message to a contactee and other 'end of the world' messages have been given. Is there a desperate preparation for a last-ditch stand by the forces of evil, a final attempt to thwart the plans of the Holy God against Whom they have rebelled? Bible history gives many examples where Satanic forces have attempted completely to destroy God's plans that would result in total blessings for man. There has continually been a diabolical scheme to bending minds by deceitful assurances and 'brainwashing.' Post-hypnotic suggestions, with in-built commands for action to be triggered at a given signal, would fit the general pattern of rebellion consistently seen in the Bible records.

A FRIGHTENING PROSPECT - The prospect if frightening. It is entirely possible that by post-hypnotic suggestion a whole army of people could suddenly find themselves willing slaves of intelligent beings who care nothing for the welfare of those slaves, or of the world itself as we know it. If there is some great super-plan of a spiritual counterattack to reach its culmination in Armageddon, it could well be that (this) army of slaves will be available to obey orders, without even knowing beforehand that they have been inducted into the armed forces of what the Bible refers to as the principalities and powers.

The indications are that even children are at times utilized for the implementation of the plans of these evil powers. That possibility is illustrated by the following incident.

On December 12, 1967, Mrs. Rita Malley was driving along a public highway to her home at Ithaca, New York, with her five- year-old son Dana in the back seat of her vehicle. At about 7:00 P.M. she suddenly realized that a red light was apparently following her, and as she was moving above the speed level, her first reaction was that she was about to be pulled over. She looked through her window and found that it was not a police car behind her but an eerie flying object, moving along above the power lines at the left of her car. Then she found she no longer had control of her vehicle, and shouted to her son to brace himself. However, he remained motionless as though he were in a trance.

A white beam of light flashed down from the vehicle overhead, then she heard voices that sounded weird, broken, and jerky. She herself became hysterical, but through it all her son took no notice whatever of her cries. The radio was not on, but she heard those voices tell her that at that moment a friend of hers had been involved in a terrible accident some miles away. The next day she found that this was indeed true. The voices also told her that her son would not remember anything that had happened. The ordeal was terrifying to Mrs. Malley herself, and for some time afterward whenever she remembered the episode she would break down sobbing.

...It would seem possible, then, that pliable children are especially useful for the purposes of these beings. Many children have been used as tools so that men and women would believe in these beings who have a plan whose totality has not yet been revealed.

...These incidents are not limited to children. Mrs. Ralph Butler was watching flashing lights outside Owatonna in Minnesota one night in November, 1966. She was with a friend, and suddenly her friend became immobile, with her head dipped down. Mrs. Butler herself heard a voice talking to her, but soon the ordeal was over. However, when the two friends tried to discuss the incident later, both found they immediately suffered blinding headaches. Mrs. Butler also told of hearing strange voices on her radio, and of having peculiar visits from 'air force officers.' This pattern is reported by many who claim to have been contacted by UFO personnel.

The Butler family have experienced various poltergeist phenomena since that 1966 experience--glass objects moving around and breaking without any known cause, strange noises being heard throughout the house, even telephones and television sets being strangely interfered with (Note: As we will see in the following file, such activity often occurs during UFO encounters where there seems to be a COLLECTIVE involvement of paraphysical 'Infernals', Reptilians, and 'controlled-cybernized' Men In Black--such as those malevolent powers that have allegedly established bases or 'empires' in Sirius, Bootes, Retuculi and Draconis as well as their subterran counterparts - Branton).

This sort of activity has followed many other supposed saucer sightings. The similarities between the stories are of such a nature as to cause surprise at first--someone temporarily in a trance, men posing as air force or other officials, those men being slight in stature with dark olive skins and pointed features, and the contactees having dreadful headaches, hallucinations, and nightmares. Some of them have gone into trances and have temporarily become mediums through whom strange voices could be heard...

A TAKEOVER ATTEMPT? - Is there to be an attempt at a takeover? There surely are limitations to the life-giving powers of these UFO creatures... Man is the master of the animals, and despite seemingly way-out theories, such as monster insects waiting to attack us, in fact man is still able to control the lesser creatures... (Note: That is unless man believes the propagandist lies of the serpent races, etc., to the effect that they supposedly created us genetically and are therefore our 'gods'. IF man believes such trash then he WILL NOT try to resist and appropriate his God-given dominion over these 'beasts' - Branton).

EVIL FORCES ARE REAL - Even apart from my strong Christian beliefs, and my acceptance of the Bible as the revealed Word of God, I would have no doubt whatever as to the fact of spiritual beings, evil forces, and phenomena that cannot be explained by purely physical, psychical, or psychological concepts.

If there is truth in this hypothesis, preparations would be going on--just in case these overheard futurist interpretations happened to be correct...

Further exposition of the aliens' attempts to manipulate and undermine human society can again be found in Brad Steiger's book "THE UFO ABDUCTORS", in which he reveals:

Dagmar and Carl R. have a farm in northeast Iowa about forty miles from the Mississippi River. One night in August of 1982, Carl observed what he called at the time a 'lantern in the sky' that hovered over him while he was working late in the field...

In October that year, while Carl was working late in the field preparing for the annual corn harvest, he was startled to see the glowing 'lantern' return to the sky above him. It appeared to be the same object that he had seen in August.

Although he tried to remain oblivious to the object, it seemed to be hovering above him, even following him up and down the corn rows. He became nervous and disconcerted and went back to the farmhouse, where he asked Dagmar to come out and witness the strange object.

Dagmar was able to see the object, too, and they stood and watched it for several minutes before it suddenly moved high into the night sky and then sped off at a great rate of speed in a westerly direction.

About three the next morning, Carl was awakened by the sound of cattle bellowing nervously in the stockyard. As he got out of bed and looked out the bedroom window, he saw a disk- shaped object hovering above the barnyard. It was glowing in a kind of greenish color...

Following this, the couple were 'tranquilized' somehow, possibly by some kind of intoxicating, pacifying or stimulating ray, after which they were taken by the entities. A traditional 'abduction' sequence ensued, similar to that described by so many thousands of others. Steiger related the couple's afterthoughts concerning their abduction by 'smallish' large-eyed beings "with only nostril openings rather and a pronounced nose and with tight, expressionless lips."

Steiger continues: "While the young Iowa couple can remember no further UFO interaction since that particular autumn, they both admit to being nervous about having another encounter. Carl, especially, feels that he was used. Dagmar speculated that bits of her skin tissue might have been removed in the examination, and although she does not claim to be an expert in such matters, she wonders if enough of her body could be cloned in a way to interact with whatever embryo or fetus might have been fathered by the semen that was taken from her husband (Note: Dagmar described that during one part of the 'examination' a needle-like object was stuck into her abdomen. Many believe that this is one process by which the 'entities' extract 'eggs' from human females - Branton).

Not wanting to sound like victims of some science fiction thriller, the young couple have theorized that they might have been used in some strange program of creating hybrid beings. Perhaps, they suggest, Carl's semen was used to impregnate an alien female or an Earth female, who is somehow influenced by and under the control of alien beings. In either event, they are uncomfortable with the experience and with the memory of the encounter. Both of them feel as though they may have been used in ways opposed to their normal expression of will.

Dagmar has gone even farther in her speculations by suggesting that if bits of her body could have been used to create a clone and if Carl's semen could somehow be used at a future time to impregnate such a clone, then alien beings could be breeding their own brand of humans as part of an organized program to create an army of human-like robots that would be totally under control of aliens in their master plan to conquer Earth.

UFO investigator Richard Siefried was told by Pam Owens that she was taken aboard a UFO on November 25, 1978, while she was expecting a child. She was nineteen at the time, and she had no memory of the abduction until she was hypnotically regressed. Then she was able to give full and fascinating details of her encounter.

Mrs. Owens told Siefried that she was paralyzed and able to move only her eyes. She lay helpless on a table and stared up in terror at two weird-looking creatures.

According to Mrs. Owens, their heads were hairless, oversize domes, their eyes were big and sunk back in their skulls. The greenish skin covering their bodies was coarse. Each hand had four fingers that she described as being twice as long as a human's. And to her terror, one of those strange hands was holding a long silver needle, preparing to plunge it into her stomach...

The following is an excerpt from an article which appeared in a UFO-related publication. We do not know exactly who the author of the article is, but we relate the excerpt as it was sent to us:

...Lear directed my attention to a large map of Nevada, which delineates all the areas which civilian maps coyly leave as uncharted military preserves. 'Right in the very center is a place called Area 51. It is our most secret complex. There are 1900 people there - it takes presidential clearance to work there - and they're ferried in by aircraft in the morning and taken out about 5 o'clock in the evening. They have nothing to do with the saucers. The people who work on the saucers go up later in the afternoon, and go home about midnight. The saucer facility is called S-4.' S-4 is in the southwest corner of Area 51.

Unfortunately, this facility - and a similar set-up near Dulce, New Mexico - may now belong to forces not loyal to the U.S. Government, or even the human race. 'It's horrifying for us to think that all the scientists we think are working for us are actually controlled by the aliens.'

Here, Lear seems to contradict himself. He speaks of 'aliens,' plural, in a controlling capacity, whereas previously he noted but one survivor, kept as captive. He resolves this conflict by describing an alleged landing at Holloman Air Force Base on April 24, 1964 - our first 'diplomatic contact,' as it were, with the visitors (Note: This writer does not take into account the apparent SUBTERRANEAN connection and origin of many of the 'alien' beings, which has been alleged by many sources and which WOULD explain the large alien influence or presence - Branton). According to Lear and other sources, the 1973 Robert Emenegger documentary 'UFOS: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE' presented a thinly-fictionalized version of this event; government contacts allegedly provided the film-makers actual footage of the meeting, which, alas, was withdrawn at the last moment for as-yet un- specified reasons.

'A deal was made with them in the latter part of the 1960s (Note: As we've indicated earlier this might have been a 'revisioning' of an earlier treaty, as some sources claim that these treaties go back to the 1930's, if not earlier - Branton). In exchange for technology, we would cover up the existence of the aliens.' Apparently this agreement - engineered by an arm of government so covert that even the President may not be on the 'need to know' list - also sanctioned the abduction of humans, which the aliens rationalized as an ongoing monitoring of a developing civilization. We asked only for a list of the abductees.

In 1973, the deal soured. 'Hundreds of people - thousands - were being abducted that weren't on the list. In 1978-79, there was an altercation between us and the aliens, in which they killed 44 of our top scientists, and a number of Delta force who were trying to free them. I'm not sure where this altercation occurred - it could have been Dulce (probably Dulce, as the term 'Dulce Wars' which has been referred to by different sources would seem to indicate - Branton), or it could have occurred in Groom Lake (another alleged 'alien' base). This battle, Lear claims, left us bereft of our own facilities; ever since, we have attempted to create a counterforce to meet the alien challenge.

The Strategic Defense Initiative was one such scheme. 'SDI, regardless of what you hear, was completed two years ago; that was to shoot down incoming saucers. The mistake was that we thought they were coming inbound - in fact, they're already here. They're in underground bases all over the place.' It seems that the aliens had constructed many such bases without our knowledge, where they conduct heinous genetic experiments on animals, human beings, and 'improvised' creatures of their own devising.'

Could the 'aliens' have always been here, preying upon the human race in secret for millennia? Or rather, instead of being an originally extraterrestrial race with 'bases' below the surface of the earth; could they not be as the evidence seems to indicate an originally subterrestrial race with 'bases' on other planetary bodies?

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