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S-4 (Papoose Lake)

Papoose Lake | S4

Bob Lazar is the main reason the public is aware of Groom and Papoose Lake today. When he went public in 1989, he ignited a firestorm of interest in Area 51 which burns to this day. As most of you already know, Lazar described how he was flown from Las Vegas to Groom Lake, then taken on a bus with blacked out side windows to a facility he determined was known as S-4.

Lazar claims to have received a short briefing paper about two pages long which essentially stated that extraterrestrial exist, they have been involved in human history and their spacecraft are being housed at S-4

Lazar described the facility as being built into the base of the Papoose Range, with 9 hangar doors sloped at about a 60 degree angle. He said the doors had a sand-like texture coating to them, and Gene Huff later said the doors were rollup type doors. There were 9 of the hangar bays in all.

S-4 is located just southwest of Area 51. Over the mountain range that many speculate is a huge underground base. (See link for 2012 update below)

S4 Alien Base Site

Full Images:

Papoose Lake (Alt - 26,000 ft.)

Area 51 and S-4 (Alt - 17 miles)

Mysterious Circle SE of S-4

***SEE 2012 UPDATE HERE***




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