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Agents of the Federation

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11.08.05 |

Agents of the Federation - Circle of LightsAs a child growing up, and all through my adult life, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the Star Trek series with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, the Next Generation series with Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and the various movies inspired from both programs. And like many millions of fans, I’ve also enjoyed the six movies from the Star Wars franchise and other programs and movies related to the concept of life in outer space and other planets. But it wasn’t until most recently over the past several years, that I’ve become aware (almost in a surreal way) of my own personal involvement with the Galactic Federation and beings from many planets, star systems and dimensions. And it’s not just me, but my children are involved as well. And it’s not just us, as I know many of our readers are also part of this galactic group involved in trying to save the people of Earth from destroying the planet.

It was first back in October 2002 that I started getting clear and open holographic (i.e., three dimensional image created with a photographic projection devise, possibly involving the pyramids) visits from Federation Lightworkers. For more than a year prior to this, they would either appear to me disguised in robes with their faces covered, or they would only reveal themselves from the neck down. As they began to fully reveal themselves to me, I realized that they had been trying to take their time with me to avoid alarming me. As with most people on Earth, I was (and still am) struggling against a veil of forgetfulness, and am not always conscious of my true identify which is very familiar with the Galactic Federation.

I suppose that it also helped me to see such a wide variety of different looking beings in the television shows and movies I’ve seen, because by the time they started openly appearing to me, their appearance seemed fairly normal (so to speak).

A Diverse Galaxy

There were a number of humanoid type beings that appeared to me, however the majority of visitors were a very diverse group from other planets. I was already accustomed to the tall ones and short ones, the various head shapes, sizes, and colors, and the different clothing or uniforms they wore. I recall some being blue, green, pink or white. While most had two eyes, a few had just one. Some were hairy and others looked like a tree or an ocean creature.

One who claimed he was a close friend of mine was feline looking and from Sirius. Another one came as a dolphin from Nomos, and another dolphin was from Arcturis. I also recall seeing a human sized preying mantis while I was in Portland, Oregon, who was apparently from the planet Jupiter. I remember some really friendly ‘worm’ like creatures (they came in different colors), and another fellow (or it could be several from the same species) whose head is shaped like a triangle (I should really apologize to him for calling him “anvil head”). His eyes and mouth are on the bottom tip of the triangle, and the rest of his head takes up the other two points.

I even remember several that looked like ET from the famous Steven Spielberg movie. I saw them while at a conference at Mt. Shasta. There was one really tall one (about eight feet tall), and several smaller ones that might have been children. They came in one night and sent me pink light. Overall, I have noted approximately three dozen different species amongst the beings that have appeared to me, and many could have fit in very well with one of the popular television or movie productions I previously mentioned.

My son, Kevin, has also met and had interesting conversations with many of these beings from other planets and dimensions, as he frequently has visions during his Light mediations. During these brief encounters, they share their name, a little about who they are, what planet they’re from and what they’re dealing with at the moment. Some, sadly enough, have managed to ruin their planet like people are currently doing here on Earth, and they’re seeking a solution to where they might go next.

We are agents of the Federation

Over the past thirty years and longer, Federation sources have channeled extraordinary information through the story lines of programs such as Star Trek to slowly indoctrinate us to the truth about life in the universe and who we truly are. From my experience over the past few years, I feel that much of the truth has been withheld from us but will soon be revealed on a global scale.

If the world understood these simple truths about who he or she really is, why they’re here on this Earth at this time, and what’s going on behind the scenes, life on this planet would change overnight. People just wouldn’t tolerate these conditions any longer and would request intervention from the Federation. These dedicated Lightworkers from the united federation of planets are supporting us from ‘the outside’ to make sure we don’t destroy the planet. We came here incarnating in this lifetime to support that effort from ‘the inside.’ I believe many of us were ‘planted’ as starseeds for this very purpose.

I have also noticed other similarities to these space shows. They really do use transporter and holodeck technology, along with laser beam weapons. And a lot of the crew wears clothing similar to the Star Trek style uniform. My bodyguards are outfitted in armor not unlike the storm troopers from Star Wars.

They also seem to get into battles with other ships. Both Kevin and I have seen them shoot down what must have been an enemy ship. The Federation ship just zapped them with a laser beam and the other ship fell to the Earth intact, but as if it were dead. I was impressed that they were merciful enough not to blast them into oblivion.

Like the television series, the Federation follows the ‘prime directive,’ which means they’re walking a fine line between protecting the planet from the dark side and interfering with our world affairs. To do so requires special permission from the highest levels of galactic authority. I feel they are working with us so that we can get involved and we can interfere with the dark forces! And we do that through our involvement in various political and environmental causes, the example we set by how we live our lives and through the powerful Light energies we use to uplift the planet with our Light work.

Support with our Light work

When I first started working with the universal Light energies, I thought that only the angels and some of my spiritual teachers were helping me. I didn’t realize though that many of the beings helping me were from the Federation.

During my meditations, they would often stand in front of me or to the side and send me Light with a type of Light wand. On many occasions when the energies became more intense, the colors would billow throughout the room with an intoxicating effect. This would most often occur while I was sending Light energies to support the needy of the planet, including the poor, the homeless, the widows/widowers and the orphan children. It also includes the war and strife torn areas where aggressors are persecuting, torturing and killing innocent people at an alarming rate.

My children receive guests almost every time they work with the Light, as beings from all dimensions as well as the Federation drop by to lend their support. I saw a lady in a red jumper dropping in to join us for a meditation with Katherine. She sat down right across from Katherine and me, smiled and crossed her legs, as she prepared to support her Light work. And Kevin often receives visits from Knights, Jedi and other Lightworkers, encouraging him in his work. I still recall Sananda appearing and reminding him that he’s here to help save the planet.

Sending the people of the world our love and helping to heal their consciousness is vital to restoring the planet and driving out the dark energies. As I’ve mentioned several times before, it’s the needy of the world that the spiritual hierarchy wants our children and us to remember in our work. And it’s not just because it’s a nice sentiment. When you think about it, the majority of people on the planet fall into one of these categories. Consider how greatly they affect the state of the collective consciousness.

Special Etheric Tools

During these Light work sessions, they often provide the children and me with special gifts and symbols to strengthen our auras and improve our work. These might entail precious jewels (e.g., diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds) crosses, pyramids, stars and flowers. They place these jewels and symbols in our aura and chakras and they enhance our Light.

Another interesting tool they gave to Kevin and me is an etheric Light rod with a crystal on one end. These were used by the Jedi (yes, there really were Jedi in Atlantis, and they still exist in other realms) and are still used for Light work in various dimensions. Kevin often receives visions of himself and others using this rod to defeat the dark energies or to turn someone to the Light. This tool is always available to him at any time, and I recently found out that I had one too.

During a recent visit to Hawaii, I noticed as I went to bed the first night, that there were two ghoulish looking creatures hovering at the side of my bed looking at me with ghoulish (what else?) grins. I sensed that they weren’t of the Light and figured that I must not have cleared out the room very well when I arrived. So they just hovered there, obviously amused about something. I could easily send them away, but I suddenly got the inclination to see if I had my own etheric crystal rod, and what would happen if I used it.

So I imagined it in my hand, pointed towards one of the creatures and projected the Light towards them. Boom! One of them disintegrated. No way!! This was exactly what happened in each of Kevin’s visions. So I pointed at the other one and it disappeared in a puff of smoke too!

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