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Agents of the Federation

PART 2 | <--

Galactic Healing Centers

Besides the Light wands and other etheric tools they provide us, they also help by sending Light from their ships when we’re conducting a global-wide healing (as illustrated numerous times in the Circle of Lights Journal), or using this service to clear out a large building (see article in this issue, Clearing Your Space of Disturbing Energies).

They also take us to the healing centers for individual healing at night during our dream state (or even during an afternoon nap). These centers are located on board their larger ships, and they use their transporters or send a teacher to escort us to the ship. As an aside, one time I attempted and had success manifesting a portal which allowed me to teleport my astral body on board one of the Arcturian ships. I first made it into a room filled with humanoids, and than to a room with a tall non-humanoid being. The crew definitely noticed me there and must have gotten a real kick out of my effort to stow away on board their ship.

The healing centers are equipped with an incredible array of advanced healing machines, pools, chambers and ‘medicines’ that they use to restore our mental, physical, emotional and astral bodies.
These centers are staffed with angels, doctors and teachers who provide us treatments that would amaze anyone who’s ever attended a spa. While we generally visit these areas during our sleep state, we each have the ability to attend these centers through a simple guided meditation technique that anyone can apply. And if you prefer, you can also get support from other Light beings that make ‘house calls’ by applying a method called the Medical Assistance Program (MAP), which we may discuss on another occasion.

These healing centers also have educational programs, libraries, and other multi-media training equipment, where there’s plenty of opportunity to attend a workshop of your choosing during your evening visit. My children go each evening to work on their academics and performing arts, and it’s made quite a difference in their lives.

Special Assignments

Part of our role as Lightworkers for the Federation involves completing special assignments, most of which are handled while we’re in our sleep state. Occasionally, they make us aware of those assignments through special visions or message given during a meditation or channeling.

One of those assignments included allowing a lady from elsewhere in the galaxy to tag along with me while I was performing my duties for the Federation. I discovered this project when a very regal looking lady (humanoid) appeared to me one night inside a symbol of a pyramid with a hand-written note scrawled across the hologram. It was her version of a thank you card.

In another incident back on Christmas 2002, I activated a Stargate, which was quite a remarkable event full of lightning and special effects in my home office where I meditate (I wrote about this event in Children of the Light).

In December 2003, I received a vision of two space vehicles that a traveling Lightworker has depicted on his website. When I received an email with this same emblem, I followed up and realized that the Federation wanted me to attend a week-long Lightworker pilgrimage in Mt. Shasta, California and along the Oregon coast. The purpose was to work with a specific group to help prepare the planet for important transitions that will soon take place.

The whole week was filled with one incredible event and miraculous vision after another. During that trip, most of our group was taken to Telos, an underground base where the spiritually advanced Telosians live. I was the one they left the memory with, so I was able to share it with the group.

Another evening during the trip, I was taken during a meditation to one of the planets near Arcturis, where I got introduced to a dolphin friend of mine. Of course, most of our knowledge of these long-time friends of ours was hidden from our third dimensional selves once we incarnated into our present life.

My son and I do a lot of evening work aboard various vessels, and several of my friends have some conscious memory of being on board a ship during their dream state. For at least a year that I’m aware of, I spent almost every night on board an Arcturian vessel. I know this because after each return trip, I would get a vision of the ship, or something related to the occurrence.

For example, they may send me a holographic vision of one of the healing or meditation rooms, a view of one of their ships (many times flashing me with their ‘headlights’), or one of my teachers may appear standing before me. One of the events that I found most interesting was on Christmas Day of 2003 when I was shown a holographic video of a ship being shot down by a laser beam.

My son, Kevin, has had three such experiences of watching the Light ships shoot down enemy craft. During that same Christmas vision, I saw several ships in formation, and a gentleman who was beamed down to my bedroom, with a backdrop of radio transmission from one or more of the ships. He had a 1950’s style flattop haircut, wore shades, and was dressed like he just stepped off the Starship Enterprise.

On another occasion I was shown a ship chasing another (probably from the dark side) away from a large brown planet. I saw an article that explained how this planet was recently discovered by scientists outside our solar system, and is referred to as Earth’s twin. The scientific rendering was an exact replica of my vision. What made that vision
special was that I had asked to go on patrol right before I went to sleep, so I received confirmation of my trip with that visual.

A friend of mine had total recall of one evening when she was onboard an Arcturian ship deciding what they should do about all the chemtrail spraying. They were hovering over the West Coast of the United States, looking down through a large window to see the poisonous gases hanging over the Earth.

Several other people I know are getting glimpses of their participation during their sleep state by recalling being on board a vessel that was traveling throughout the galaxy. I’ve noticed that they show us more and more as they guide us in the process of awakening and we become more open to the truth.

Galactic Protection

Like anything else in life, engaging in Light work does have its occasional hazard. Fortunately, we have sufficient protection through the Light and our very powerful bodyguards. Three very large and heavily armored beings with ray guns appeared to me one evening after returning from the ship. They were obviously warriors and they shot their ray guns for me in slow motion so I could see that I was well protected.

That’s good for us to know because we never know who might show up to harass us from the dark side. I haven’t really had much trouble, because I’m well protected, but I was surprised to get a holographic visit from a ‘man in black’ one evening while beginning an Akashic Records meditation. He looked like someone right out of the popular Matrix movies, and I don’t think he liked me too well.

Because I was generating so much Light through my global-wide meditation, I eventually showed up on ‘the radar’ and got noticed. I actually took it as a compliment that I was making an impact!
One friend shared an experience he had as a child when he fell off a cliff and was headed for certain disaster and most likely death. But instead of crashing on the rocks below, he was beamed out of that situation with a transporter and later returned to the same spot with no lapse of Earth time.

And I myself have had a head-on collision without a seat belt at 40 mph and never budged out of my seat. Another time I was struck in the leg while on board ship with a large nylon rope that had snapped because of too much tension. Even though a snapped line has been known to cut sailors in half, it only bounced off my leg as if I was Superman, and didn’t hurt me a bit.

One teacher informed me that we are all closely monitored with very powerful super galactic computers that track our every movement in space and time, calculating the possibilities of any potential danger at all times. This way our protectors can help ensure our safety, and intervene in time, if necessary, to rescue us from a dangerous situation.
I recently had another near fatality on a freeway in Los Angeles. While driving to work at approximately 70-80 mph, a lady quickly veered left into my lane and I watched in amazement as her car was just inches from mine. I hit my brakes and tried to dodge her car as it veered left, which I did successfully. However, I could have sworn that time and space was altered for just a moment, because the area between our two vehicles seemed to shift ever so slightly so I could escape. In other words, I think she was actually in my space and we would have collided without my bodyguard’s intervention. Naturally, a collision at that speed could have been fatal.

Our Mission is to Save the Planet

Besides our individual needs, The Federation is determined to prevent us from destroying the planet through a devastating nuclear war or any other means, and they will intervene if necessary when the time arises. They are also very concerned with how we’re treating the planet environmentally, as we continue to pollute our air, land and water.

Mother Earth won’t take this abuse forever, and she can get pretty angry herself, as she rebels against our abuses. And it seems that this push back is already beginning if the ever-increasing disasters we see worldwide are any indication. As our abuses continue, these disasters are expected to increase with even greater force and devastation, until hopefully, the people of Earth wake up and demand our governments put a halt to it all. And where they’re permitted to do so, the Federation will support this cause in any way they can.

One of the areas that I’m very concerned about and where I’ve seen the Federation actually intervene, are the mysterious worldwide chemtrail flights. Without discussing it at great length in this article, a number of citizens and Lightworkers are suspicious of what’s really happening in our skies overhead. And I witnessed firsthand how concerned the Federation is about it.

On June 30, 2004 I was driving home in Los Angeles, and became alarmed when I looked up and saw the results of the chemtrail spraying from that afternoon. The clouds were absolutely ominous, and I called my family outside to view the spectacle. If ever clouds looked like they were capable of reaching down and devouring the Earth, these were definitely those clouds.

As I drove to work the next day I could see that the frightening looking clouds were still there, but I also noticed an absolutely enormous ship hovering behind one of the clouds. I could make out its outline because the sun was shining brightly behind it and it almost looked as if you could see it hiding behind a ‘curtain.’ I had seen this model of spacecraft before on a website, as someone had apparently sketched it after a sighting.

Amazingly enough, after driving approximately 30 minutes to get to work, I noticed that all of the chemtrail clouds had vanished. A friend of had a similar experience when he observed spraying at Mt. Shasta, CA. As he watched a plane spraying the chemtrail substance over the city, the substance was then drawn into a cloud hovering over the mountain (Mt. Shasta), and the chemtrail just vanished. He was astonished at the speed and obvious intervention of this seemingly normal cloud.

Channeled information and encouragement

As I mentioned previously, I’ve seen numerous beings from a variety of planets and dimensions. While there wasn’t anything frightening about any of these experiences, it did occasionally catch me off guard. My very first was when two Tenctonese beings (see the television program or movie Alien Nation) popped in one day while I was doing my Light work. I was aware of the program but I had never watched it before. I had no idea that these freckle-headed beings really existed. Nor did I even remotely understand why they came to see me. But it wasn’t long before others came.

Next there was a white feline looking being from Sirius. I had been doing my meditation and he just popped in and stood directly in front of me. So I looked at him, somewhat surprised to see him, and amazed at his appearance. And he looked at me (he stood proud with his head slightly cocked back and his nose pointing slightly up) with a serious expression on his face. Than we looked at each other a little longer until he finally disappeared. I found out later that I know him very well on the ‘other side’ and that we are very dear friends.

On another occasion, a short dolphin appeared alongside my bed, wearing a T-shirt with a whale in the center and a planet (looked similar to Earth) depicted in the middle of the whale. He seemed to be rather short for a dolphin (at a different time a taller one appeared to me). I assumed I had just spent some time with him, as I eventually figured out that my night visions were related to where I had been taken that evening. One evening I woke up and realized I had been either working with sound vibrations, learning telepathy, or both. A hologram appeared to me as a series of sound waves that brought audible messages once the waves actually reached my ears. That was a fascinating experience.
While I was in Sante Fe, New Mexico, I had incredible visions given me in a downloading format (i.e., hi-speed transmission of dozens of images to my conscious mind) of attending what looked like quite a nice party somewhere on a ship or planet.

I was surprised to see William Shatner there and he looked like a Borg (i.e., a collective of beings that are half human, half machine, made famous in the Star Trek, Next Generation series). I didn’t know if this was a costume party or whether Shatner was from a hi-technology planet, and really looked like that in other dimensions.
My contacts in the Federation channel information to me in this manner quite frequently. It usually occurs at night, and I can usually catch glimpses of the downloaded images. I’ve always been told that this is information I’ll need at a later date.

Even though saving the planet from total destruction is a serious job for serious beings, the Lightworkers from the Federation still have plenty of time for humor and practical jokes! I can’t tell you the number of instances they’ve sent me goof ball visions or silly cartoons to crack me up, or the night they tried to shake me off the couch so I’d go and do my Light work. Or the night that the Egyptian teacher smacked me on the foot and than ran out the door. And on and on they continue to have fun with us.

But the funniest moment of them all was the night a group of beings from all over the galaxy appeared to sing and dance a music video for me! They frolicking around my bedroom at 2:00 a.m. to Hilary Duff’s What dreams are made of (one of my daughter’s favorites). “Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made of! Hey now, hey now . . . “I just laughed and turned over saying, “All right guys, it’s 2:00 a.m., that’s enough already.”

Our friends and teachers from the Federation have such genuine love for us and they don’t want us to take ourselves too seriously. The next few years will probably get a little difficult for all of us, and they know this, but they also don’t want us to forget to laugh and definitely keep the faith, because there’s no doubt about the final outcome.

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