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Foo Fighters

German prototype aircraft

Dave Clark and Andy Roberts are military historians and leading experts on UFO sightings during the Second World War. Andy Roberts, author of "Out of the Shadows" says that the sightings were described as tiny balls of light about the size of a beach ball as compared to the full size, larger UFO sightings of today. Interviews with the bomber aircrews show that they didn't make official reports for fear of being grounded or worse, that they would be suspected of having a lack of moral fiber and wanted to be grounded. The last thing the aircrews wanted was to be accused of inventing stories in order to get themselves grounded. Initially, the RAF and the air ministry were extremely concerned because they thought it was some form of secret weapon developed by the Germans. It was well known that the Nazis had developed a variety of anti aircraft weapons such as "Scarecrow" which threw out large, metal bars in the sky. These 'huge metal bars' were seen by people and were designed to un-nerve people as well as damage airplanes. Design drawings taken from secret engineering blueprints seized by the Allies at the end of the war, show just how radical the Nazi's aerospace programs were, plans like these were very unsettling to the Allied Forces.

The nighttime skies over Europe during the Second World War were frequently filled by Allied Bomber Pilots, and the glowing balls of light that accompanied them. Referred to as "Foo Fighters" by the radar operators, the name was derived from a popular comic strip of the time. One of the first recorded reports of a UFO sighting is in the official Royal Air Force (RAF) archives and, was taken from B. C. Lumsden. The report discusses a green light that he described as "playing with his aircraft at 7000 feet", on December 7th, 1942 while on a bombing raid over Germany.

Foo Fighters over Germany

The report further describes an orange light that first thought to be tracer flack, but that description was discounted when Lumsden realized how slowly it was moving. He reported that the light was diving around the fuselage, in what could be described as a playful manner. The lighted object seemed to defy gravity, as it hovered around the other bombers in the squadron. After a few minutes, the flying orb departed from the adjacent aircraft and proceeded directly towards the aircraft the Lumsden was piloting; it streaked past the plane and disappeared into the night sky. The following night, another squadron commander had a similar experience with a green light that seemed to easily fly alongside, above and below the B52 at will. A few of these sightings could have easily been explained away as pilot error and the like, but there were hundreds, possibly thousands of reports regarding these unexplained phenomena. Surely, these gravity defying, balls of fire could not all simply be hallucinations by tired or frightened pilots.

American files from the technological plundering operations that were done on Germany after the war, describe the kinds of technologies that when pieced together, could be used to develop a kind of Foo Fighter type weapon. The Germans were working on a multitude of seemingly bizarre projects but, none of them appeared to have come to fruition. Had the fighting continued long enough, some of these technologies could have been developed into something more tangible, but as it is, the projects ended by the end of the war. Log files by pilots who described having dog fights with strange balls of light are intriguing, but what else could there be to further the idea of the "Foo Fighter"? John Dering, a physicist, technology historian, and senior scientist at SARA Aerospace Corp., has first hand information on the development of "Foo Fighters". Dering reports as having interviewed a German aircraft engineer who actually worked on the prototypes, and in the early stages of production of these vehicles. He says that "these were vehicles that were unmanned. and probably best described as unmanned aerial combat vehicles (UAV)." They were not only used for surveillance, their actual purpose was to engage the allied aircraft, bombers in particular via remote control. The purpose was not to cause a catastrophic, destructive effect such as blowing up the "Foo Fighter" and taking the aircraft down with it, but something that had the ability to be reused, multiple times. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that Allied air crewman saw these things while flying over Germany, but what about hard evidence at ground level that the Nazis were pursuing this technology?

Secret US documents

Dering further states that he has 'looked over' a report from made by a US Intelligence officer regarding a Nazi project in the Black Forest. It involved a small vehicle that was specifically designed to be an interceptor for advanced air defense against Allied Bombing Raids. Due to the nature of the source, Dering has 'pretty high certainty that the document is real. Additional reports and information from Dering indicates that Nazi occupied Central Europe was host to the development of secret technologies which might account for some of the UFO sightings.

The Wenceslas Mine, Foo Fighters, the Flytrap, and the people whose families have lived in the area create a sense that the Germans were engaged in highly classified work, and possibly anti-gravity type programs, but little is known for fact. The U.S. government is thought to have confiscated secret Nazi anti-gravity technology at the end of World War II, and have since used it for testing in aircraft which could account for at least some post-War UFO sightings. Some of that technology could have event been incorporated into the B2 stealth bomber. Whatever technology that does exist is likely deeply classified and may never surface in anything other than ultra secret government documents.

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