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The German Flytrap & Anti Gravity

Follow me on my journey into a world of mystery and deceit; a secretive, fantasy world combined of UFO's, strange encounters, and government cover-ups. This chapter involves some of the billions of dollars spent on secret military programs that are hidden from public view. We will dig up evidence of classified technologies, supposedly developed by the defense industry, and concealed behind a network of misleading trails and misinformation. In order to find out what has been flying through our airspace, we should begin with the most credible sighting evidence of unidentified flying objects. One version of our search begins on a day when a photocopy of a 1956 magazine article mysteriously lands on the desk of Nick Cook, an editor for the esteemed Jane's Defense Weekly.

German Flytrap
It's called "The G-Engines Are Coming!" and is illustrated with a drawing of a U.S. airman descending the steps of a floating, wingless aircraft. Cook dismisses the item as a joke, yet his interest is renewed after hearing aerospace industry leaders of the day say that ".anti-gravity could be the next big breakthrough". In Poland, Cook investigated the Wenceslas Mine, where SS scientists reportedly worked on a machine called the Bell, a glowing, rotating contraption that used up a lot of electricity. Word had it that the Bell was used in conjunction with an above ground structure known as the "Flytrap". The two devices were reportedly used in tests sought to investigate an anti gravitational effect. Another theory is that the Bell might have been a time machine.

The Sudeten Mountains, in the Czech Republic near the border with Poland was home to some of the finest minds of the third Reich during World War II. The Wenceslas Mine, a vast underground research facility, hidden away from the threat of Allied bombs was built using slave labor under the control of the Nazis. During the last months of the war, German scientists worked constant hours in an attempt to produce Kriz-en-scheiden. Kriz-en-scheiden was thought to be the war winning technology that would produce a stunning, knockout blow, even if it was while the Nazis were being pushed back towards Germany. The tunnels comprising Wenceslas Mine though now flooded, run several kilometers into the mountain resulting in very secure areas for testing, and assembly of various projects being studied.

Wenceslas Mine Entrance

The Wenceslas Mine was kept very secret so that Allied forces would not know of its existence, and most of the tunnels were sealed as the Nazis evacuated it in 1945. Supposedly, the mountain still contains what was then, and still could be advanced technology behind layers of solid rock. One man, who knew all about Wenceslas Mine was SS General Jakob Sporrenberg was in charge of the technical program at the mine was captured by the Allies. Sporrenberg revealed astonishing information to the Allies; he spoke of a secret experiment which attempted to conquer gravity.

He described a bell shaped device made from a hard, heavy metal that was filled with substance similar to mercury and required enormous amounts of electrical power. People who worked on the project suffered from sleep problems, severe vertigo and 5 scientists died during their work on the project. In a memo from the scientists to Hitler, they wrote that it was in their opinion that the scientific results ascertained from the experiments with the bell were truly decisive for the war. The experiments with the Bell, happened deep within the mine, but directly above it, on the surface was what is know as the (German) Flytrap. The allies had been aware of the structure from aerial reconnaissance photos taken in 1944. Some believe that the Flytrap was a test rig for advanced propulsion technology (flying saucers). The structure is comprised of extremely thick, reinforced pillars which could allow for it to withstand extreme forces during operation. It isn't known how the flytrap functioned, but it was designed as the test rig for the Bell as there were huge power cables that ran from the Bell to the heart of the flytrap structure. There is a power facility adjacent to the flytrap that had power cables that ran down to the Bell through concrete lined channels or ducts that were approximately 1 meters in diameter.

Jakob Sporrenberg

Could at least some of these sightings reveal evidence of top secret technology, or are they examples of something more mysterious? Starting with reported sightings during the Second World War, we will venture some fifty years further and explore sightings of the late 1980's and 1990's. With any luck, we will help dispel the fog between what is real, and what is not. There is a multitude of people who report sightings and a great number of them include photos and even video tape for confirmation. Most of them are hoaxes, but occasionally, one or two of them defy explanation. Sightings by credible people, such as commercial or military pilots are generally more credible, except they are not reported often due to fear of being grounded or subject to psychological scrutiny. These aircrew members are trained to record data but, as the subject of UFO's is extremely taboo, the sightings frequently are not officially reported. Therefore, these types of photos and stories are usually sent under anonymous conditions, and become of word of mouth stories, losing credibility with every retelling.

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