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Stanton Friedman: "We Are Not Alone"

Stanton FriedmanDuring his lecture at the Kenneth Ford Theatre in Weed, sponsored by the College of the Siskiyous Associated Student Body , Stanton Friedman (nuclear physicist and lecturer on the topic of UFOs) took a scientific approach by presenting facts and information from government files along with countless interviews he's conducted with civilians and military personnel since the early 1950s.

Friedman presented his "anatomy of a cover-up" and provided a step-by-step trail of government issued paperwork which he says shows the absurdity of copious lies and deceit divulged to the public to cover-up the existence of UFOs.

Friedman reviewed five major scientific studies with mountains of evidence to support his conclusion of alien visits to Earth, including the Roswell Incident, where the wreckage of two flying saucers and the recovery of several alien bodies from New Mexico were documented in a classified memo released by the US government in 1950.

Having worked under security while doing nuclear research for 14 years, Friedman said he knows how easy it is for governments to keep secrets.

As the only civilian investigator on the Roswell incident, Friedman said he became aware of huge "black budgets" of UFO technology related research by top military officials and scientist, including the CIA and Operation Majestic 12, which was created for the purpose of researching UFO's.

After 25 years of UFO research and many interviews, Friedman said he visited 20 archives and read the original Operation Majestic Five documents as well as Project Blue Book Special Report 14, which gives detailed accounts of physical evidence found since 1947.

"The challenge for us all is to recognize that, while our future is in space, we are not alone," Friedman said. "Though we are clearly a primitive society whose major activity is tribal warfare, I hope we can qualify for admission to the 'Cosmic Kindergarten."

Cosmic Family

Friedman noted the ignorance of data and the lack of research for the "noisy negatives" who he said aren't interested in facts and whose minds are made up.

"They are simply unaware of the real, non-tabloid evidence," said Friedman.

Friedman said that some UFOs are real, and he focuses on the three percent of real sightings that are well documented.

Friedman has lectured in every state in America and 12 countries around the world at the request of researchers and professional groups and has been called to provide testimony to Congressional hearings and appeared twice at the request of the United Nations.

He's answered over 40,000 questions regarding UFOs and has debated regarding the topic at Oxford University.

After providing his argument and evidence on UFOs on public television, a poll revealed that 92 percent of the first 100,000 people who participated believed we are being visited by alien beings.



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