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Area 51 | Bob Lazar Timeline


The Robert Lazar Timeline

Version 1.30 , January, 1997

Originally released July, 1994


by Tom Mahood


This project began as an attempt to verify Robert Lazar's story of "vanishing records". What was uncovered was not only a multitude of records, but records that portray an individual and story very much at odds with that generally accepted. Some of these records appear to contradict statements made by Lazar.

Every attempt has been made to make this document as accurate as possible. If any discrepancies are found, please direct them to the author for correction in any future versions. Likewise, if there are any readers with additional verifiable, public information, please pass it on for inclusion.

What follows is a summation of statements, interviews and records, arranged in chronological order, providing the framework of what is, by anyone's definition, a most interesting life. Please note the information presented here consists ONLY of public records. While it's highly likely detailed school transcripts (for example) exist, they are considered confidential and may not be released to the general public.

The implications of Lazar's story are tremendous, and if there is even the slightest possibility it might be true, it is worthy of detailed investigation. This information is being put forth as part of that effort, in the hopes it will provide researchers and other interested parties with areas for further study.

A question may come to mind: Could some or all of these documents have been "planted" to discredit Lazar? It is certainly possible, as most things are. However, this would have entailed tampering with many reels of microfilm. Since none of the reels exhibited any splicing in the area of Lazar's records, the only way these records could have been planted would be to replace the entire reel. Also, the master reels from which the microfilms the public uses are made, would have to also be tampered with, even though they are stored in vaults. Furthermore, some of the documents available, such as divorce proceedings, are the actual documents complete with signatures. And throughout the files, the information appears to cross-correlate completely.

Jan. 26, 1959: Robert Scott Lazar (RL) born in Coral Gables, Florida

The location, Coral Gables, is given in Good's book. Good also states that George Knapp checked with the hospital RL claims to have been born at in Coral Gables and "..no records could be found." (1) The date is from RL's first marriage certificate, however only his State of birth is listed, not the city. (10)

A note on birth records in Florida. There are usually 3 different locations birth records are kept. The first, the hospital of birth, is also the least reliable, since it not an "official" repository of records. Records may or may not be found there. The next source, which is very reliable, is the Health Department of the County of birth. However, the best and most comprehensive birth record source for the State of Florida is the State Department of Health and Rehabilitation Services, Vital Statistics, PO Box 210, Jacksonville, FL 322231-0042. (904) 359-6900 (Recorded info). This location maintains copies of all birth records for the State, going back to 1917.

However, as a result of a State statute enacted in 1987, all birth records in Florida are now considered confidential. Copies, or even information from certificates, may only be issued to the birth registrant, the parents or legal guardian, or a legal representative of the registrant. So it appears no one can verify the claim that RL's birth records have vanished without his written permission.

In more recent disclosure in an Internet nwsgroup, Gene Huff (RL's friend and partner) disclosed the reason RL had difficulty obtaining a copy of his birth record was due to his adoptive status, but one was finally acquired.

1974: Social Security number issued in New York State.

RL's Social Security number and current address, while in the public records, have been deleted from this document in the interests of his privacy. However, the SS # begins with 068 which indicates it was issued in the state of New York. It is possible to determine from the remainder of the SS # that it most likely was issued in 1974.

August 1976:

According to Stanton Friedman, RL graduated from W. Tresper Clarke High School (740 Edgewood Drive, East Meadow Union Free District) in Westbury Long Island, New York. His class standing was number 261 out of a class of 369. Further, according to Friedman, this would put RL in the bottom third of his class and entry into Cal Tech or MIT generally requires the student be in the top 10% of the class. (15)

1976: Claims to have attended Los Angeles Pierce College. (14)

This has been confirmed by Stanton Friedman. After RL stated that one of his professors at Cal Tech was named "Duxler", Friedman located a William Duxler, a Math and Physics professor at Pierce College, who was able to determine that RL had taken at least one of his courses in the late 1970's. Duxler said he never taught at Cal Tech. (15)

June 1977:

RL's parents purchased a home at 20650 Martha Street in Woodland Hills, California. (OR 77-592189 thru 592191) (10)

August 1978:

RL's parents moved to 4914 Natoma Avenue in Woodland Hills. (OR 78-1030636 thru 1030638) (10)


RL claims a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Electronic Technology, from Pacifica University (correspondence university), according to RL's Pre-Sentence Report for his pandering conviction (Case 94922). Pacifica was shut down in 1978 by the State of California for selling degrees.

"1977 or 78":

Claims to have attended Cal State University, Northridge, "for a short time for some classes", then on to CalTech. (14)

"The Big T" is the student yearbook for CalTech. At the Millikan Library at CalTech, every page of every issue of "The Big T" from the year 1977 through 1982 was checked. There is no photo or mention of RL anywhere in any of the activities, highly improbable were he a student there. Checking by George Knapp (1) and Stanton Friedman with the administration revealed no records of RL's attendance. Although Good reports Friedman has confirmed RL's attendance at Cal State Northridge, Friedman says this is not correct and he has not made any inquiries to Cal State Northridge. (There was a Robert Lazar who graduated from Northridge in 1978 with a degree in Business Administration, but examination of the yearbook clearly indicates he's a different Lazar)(1) (15)

July 27, 1980: RL married Carol Nadine Strong in Woodland Hills, California.

According to the marriage certificate, at the time of the marriage they were both living at 21619 Strathern, #1, Canoga Park, California. The certificate list's RL's occupation as "Electronics Engineer" and his highest school grade completed as 12. RL's birthdate was listed as January 26, 1959 in Florida. Carol's occupation was listed as "Electronics Technician" and her highest school grade completed was also 12. Carol's date of birth was March 21, 1946, in California, making her 13 years older than RL. The certificate lists this as the first marriage for both.

Per the certificate RL's parents were Albert Lazar and Phyllis Berliner (maiden name), both born in New York state. Carol's parents were Harold Strong, born in California, and Verda Jones (maiden name), born in Colorado. The marriage was witnessed by Chee Leung of 1485 1/4 Scott Avenue in Los Angeles, and Lois Kurz of 15210 Sherman Way, #52, in Van Nuys. The marriage was conducted by Rabbi Bernard M. Cohen of 23300 Aetna Street in Woodland Hills, Calif. (Certificate # 1980 O-025327) (10)

"Probably 1982": Date of claimed Masters Degree from MIT. (14)

At Rachel-93, RL was asked for the year of his graduation from MIT and if he got a Ph.D. He replied, "No, it was a Master's degree. The year. What was the year of graduation? Probably eighty two because I think I left there and went to Los Alamos."

Glenn Campbell checked the following sources at the Institute Archives at MIT (See reference 14): Student directories between 1978 and 1990, Faculty/Staff phone directories between 1978 and 1990, MIT Degree List between 1979 and 1980, and the 1989 MIT Alumni/ae Register. There was no listing of RL in any of these documents. (16) Stanton Friedman has also checked with the MIT Registrar's office and the Alumni office and has found no evidence of attendance. Friedman reports RL is not on the 1982 commencement list. (15)

1982: Listing in Los Alamos National Laboratory phone book, located by George Knapp. (8)

Stanton Friedman states: "The phone book is not just from LANL but LANL, The Department of Energy, Kirk Meier (spelling uncertain) and others. The listing after Bob's name clearly shows K/M which means Kirk Meier and proves he did NOT work for LANL, but for a subcontractor. This seems appropriate since the Meson Facility mentioned in the Monitor article is a user facility with teams coming from all over to set up their equipment for experiments at the accelerators. As many as 1000 people per year can go through there. They work at the Lab, NOT for the Lab. They do get listed in the phone directory. He apparently was a technician." (15)

Strangely, the bankruptcy file (13) in 1986 does not show employment at LANL or Kirk-Mayer (correct spelling), only that of a self-employed photo processor.

May 1982:

According to the Los Alamos Monitor , RL and Carol moved to Los Alamos from California. From the dates and addresses listed in the bankruptcy papers, it appears they settled in a rented duplex at 3964-B Sycamore and at some later date opened a photo processing business at 941-A 18th Street. (3) (13)

June 27, 1982: Los Alamos Monitor article appeared about RL and his Honda jet car. (3)

The article, which appeared on the front page, identifies RL as "..a physicist at the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility." There are a total of four photos of what appear to be a Honda Civic hatchback (California license plate JETUBET ) with air scoops on the top and sides, and a jet nozzle protruding from the rear where the license plate would normally go. The article says the engine, composed of stainless steel and titanium, runs for 30 to 60 seconds on liquid propane with a kerosene afterburner producing 800 pounds of thrust. Oddly, "The jet cannot get the car going from a dead stop..." and must be driven in the normal manner up to about 90 mph. There is no compressor and RL claimed it was "..the most efficient jet engine available. A standard jet uses six pounds of fuel for every pound of thrust; Lazar said he uses 1.3 pounds of fuel for a pound of thrust." RL stated the car had been driven over 200 mph on a dry lake near Los Angeles

The article states the car "...attracts a lot of attention for the Lazars, who moved to Los Alamos about a month ago from California." From the article's descriptions of the Lazars' experiences in California, it appears they had been there for some time before coming to Los Alamos.

June 28, 1982:

Dr. Edward Teller gives a lecture at Los Alamos and RL claims to have met him prior to the talk as Teller was reading Sunday's newspaper story about RL and his jet car (The Monitor was not published on Mondays). (1) (3)

The Los Alamos Monitor of June 29, 1982 reported on its front page that Teller spoke at length against the nuclear freeze movement in this country. The article also said the auditorium at LANL was packed.


The bankruptcy papers show RL borrowed $4,000 from his mother (Phyllis S. Lazar) and, at the time of the bankruptcy filing, had repaid only $500. (13)


Per the April 1994 issue of Omni magazine, "...while on vacation in Nevada, he (RL) wound up buying into a legal Reno brothel; the investment proved so profitable that he didn't have to return to full time employment for a while". Per Good, it was owned by RL and Carol, and called the "Honeysuckle Ranch" in northern Nevada. In the bankruptcy papers filed in 1986, no mention is made of any ownership of income from a brothel.


According to the bankruptcy papers, RL purchased a 1984 Corvette for $19,000. Repaid only $550. It was repossessed in 1986 prior to the bankruptcy filing. (13)


RL borrowed $15,000 from father (Albert M. Lazar), and had repaid only $1,000 by the time of the bankruptcy filing. (13)


According to the bankruptcy papers, RL borrowed a total of $60,000 from Los Alamos National Bank, secured by a $7,900 1984 Honda. Repaid only $1,300 by the time of the bankruptcy filing. (13)

March 22, 1985:

RL borrowed at least $12,000 from the Bank of Los Alamos for retrofit kits to the film printer(s) at his photo processing business and 300 rolls of 35mm film. Repaid only $300 by the time of the bankruptcy filing and the equipment was repossessed at some time prior to the filing. (13)

May 7, 1985:

According to the bankruptcy papers, RL and Carol borrowed $5,000 via a "3 Minute Loan" from Security Pacific Finance Corp. of Albuquerque, New Mexico. (13)

June 13, 1985:

RL and Carol purchased a new home at 1933 Ann Greta Street in Las Vegas from R.A. Homes of Nevada (OR 2129:2088021). From the bankruptcy file and other documents, it appears Carol took up primary residence there and RL remained in Los Alamos. (11)


Purchased 1985 Honda CRX for $9,000. Repaid only $300 by the time of the bankruptcy filing and was repossessed sometime in 1986, prior to the filing. (13)

March 26, 1986:

RL borrowed $2,000 from John Horne of Los Alamos for down payment on a jet car. As of March 2, 1987, the debt had not been repaid, according to the bankruptcy file. (13)

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