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Peterborough, Ontario

Triangular UFO Sighting

On the morning of July 5, 2004 at approximately 4:00 a.m. while in Peterborough Ontario Canada my cousin and I observed a fast moving object pass overhead and then disappear over an area called Little Lake. A few moments later, we observed a triangle of three bright lights. We thought it was just the stars at first, but then the lights we thought were stars began to move. The object then disappeared back towards Little Lake in an easterly direction. We were looking in a North to Northeast direction; the altitude when first in view was probably 400 meters, descending to 100 meters. The first triangular lights seemed to be a bit bigger and clearer but I had no idea how large it was until I saw it over a house.

Little Lake, Ontario, Triangular UFO

Peterborough, Ontario, city map, triangle UFO

In the early morning of July 7, at approximately 3.30 a.m., I observed a bright streak in the sky toward the east so I was watching the eastern sky very closely. I observed 2 small, bright, fast moving objects moving to the east. I might add that I'm watching towards the east not paying much attention to the sky directly overhead. All of a sudden everything just seemed to get real quiet, eerie quiet. Ok, so I'm looking east then I just get these creepy feeling that something or someone was watching me, you know what I mean. I turned and looked down the street towards the General Electric plant (900 feet approximately) I swear I couldn't hear the background noises you usually hear, traffic, dogs, etc.

So now I notice the glow from the street light seemed to be changing color on the cars along the street. I saw the shadows on the street change a bit so I knew there was something above me and I looked up and just thought, oh my god, what the heck is that. I don't think anyone would have heard me scream if I did scream anyway. Its like noise was being suppressed somehow. Like some kind of silence field around the thing and maybe I was in that field? Not sure. Then I looked up; my god there it is, coming right over the house, this thing is massive! I had to go into the alley to see the entire thing, and that's when I got the feeling they knew I was watching. Then I went running back out to the street and saw a girl running like heck towards Chamberlain Street, rotating slightly to the left as it drifted over the plant. I still get Goosebumps just thinking about it. The ‘front’ was still in full view until it was almost beyond Jackson Ave.

Peterborough, Ontario neigborhood map

The object was so close; I swear I could have hit it with a sling shot. So its kind of slowly moving east, at about 5 kph, maybe. The craft stops, then starts going sideways now towards the GE plant, it seemed as wide as the distance between GE and our house. Now I don't know much about this stuff, but I swear this is one evil looking outfit, with 3 lights, brownish-orange very dim. One light at each point of the triangle, not that it is actually pointed, just rounded on the corners. It seems to be a blue black color, but flat, with no sheen, almost a rough finish, and a circular dome dead center of the bottom in a hexagon type enclosure. No light or glowing color on the dome, set in an indented area that almost had the look of the surface of a pool. I could now see the one side that appeared to have some kind of indentations, probably doors or some kind of hatch. It sat there for probably 3 minutes or more, but it seemed like a lifetime.

UFO sketch side view, triangle ufo


Bottom view triangle ufo, Peterborough, Ontario

One other thing I would like to add was the weak aroma of a burnt transformer remaining in the air for a few minutes after the craft left. I might also add that I had to go into alley behind the house to get a good view of this thing because I couldn't see all three lights from the street because of its size.

Then it just moved so fast you couldn't even tell the direction it went. Anyway I have seen it twice since then but it was a lot higher up, robably 350 meters. I recently discovered that the General Electric here supposedly stopped making reactor parts years ago. But I found a site while searching that sheds some light on this I asked people what they do there at the plant and nobody seems to know. I have only lived here a while so I thought they might have been making refrigerators or other appliances. This is a huge plant and the gate on Monaghan drive seems really secure.

General Electric plant location, Peterborough, Ontario

Maybe its just me, or maybe it’s something else but I know that they know, I saw them. I don't think these guys are real friendly, I could just feel it. The next day, my neighbors Dodge Intrepid's battery was completely zapped, he had to replace the alternator and battery the day after. His Oldsmobile wouldn't start either; the alternator and battery were also fried. His name is not listed by request, and I'm sure he would verify the battery and alternator failures. My Camry's two month old Kenwood stereo was also fried. The battery was completely dead by 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon, so I recharged it and it came back to life. Still had problems with the wiring so I had it repaired at Russell Toyota in Peterborough $489.00 dollars... There were 3 cars I know of that had electrical problems the next day. I don't talk to a lot of people around here and the flood of reports happened the next day, so 24 hours after the sighting everything was crazy.

I can see the plant right from my window, the plant is on Albert Street, and is a half mile long, spanning the entire distance of the street. I think there are only about 700 workers in the plant now, but it did employ upwards of 7000 at one time. The plant makes fuel pellets for the Candu Reactors but you can't find that information on any General Electric website anywhere.

Other than being freaked out I seemed to have my hearing kind of muffled. Like I had a head cold sort of effect. A couple times I had the momentary feeling like I was lost or didn't know where I was. What really scared the ba-jezus out of me was that I was watching to the east looking for those lights to reappear and the thing kind of crept up behind me. So I was really startled when I looked up so it was just moving dead slow at this point from the west.

I sure had some weird dreams and stuff since this happened. I seem to really notice the shape in architecture and stuff. My wife says its like I've had some little psychic twinge switched on. Like I'll know the phone is going to ring before it does things, like that.

I have provided a few maps so you can get a feel for the layout of the area. The area in gray is the General Electric Plant; I tried to show where the Triangle stopped then moved sideways until it was over map G.E. 2.

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