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David Sereda: Petition to NASA


NASA Space Shuttle Launch: David Sereda Petition

Ufologist David Sereda feels NASA has not been completely forthcoming with their knowledge of things in space, and doctor their photographs before presenting them to the public. (I remember seeing strange objects on NASA TV before they were swamped with calls and went to a time delay for their feed.)

Sereda is a well-known Ufologist, and has taken his message about UFOs to many people. He feels that NASA is keeping secrets about UFOs from the public, and he wants to change this. There is an online petition to get NASA to let him be a passenger on one of the upcoming space shuttle flights, along with all of his cutting edge equipment including special cameras sensitive to visible, infrared and UV to search for UFO activity. And then report his findings to the American people.

Hopefully, he will find UFOs and film them. Then he will present his evidence to the American people.

He is asking that you copy a letter he wrote adding your thoughts and opinions and sending it to:

Subject: I support this initiative to send David Sereda into space on the NASA Space Shuttle to look for UFOs.

Here is a copy of the letter:

Dear Chief NASA Administrator Michael Griffin;

Subject: Special Skills application for Astronaut

I, David Sereda, would like to apply to become an astronaut for special reasons. I saw a UFO in Berkeley, CA in 1968 when I was 7 years old. It was saucer shaped, metallic and hovered silently not far from the Berkeley National Lab for over 20 minutes. There were fifty or so witnesses with me. After 20 minutes, the flying saucer went invisible: invisible to the naked eye that is.

Hello, my name is David Sereda. I am a well-known Space Science Researcher and UFOlogist. This year I will have spoken to over 100 million people through radio and TV appearances. Because of certain research I have done into NASA Space Shuttle UFO phenomena, millions of Americans believe NASA is hiding evidence of UFOs appearing on such missions. There is now testimony that NASA has been retouching photographs with UFO in them (deleting UFOs). Gary McKinnon, the British Computer Hacker, testifies to this also.

NASA anticipated contact with Extraterrestrials when it first set out to journey into space (See the Space Act and the Brooking study 1958). If contact has been made, and the American public has been deceived, NASA may have made the greatest mistake ever for a public agency.

I would like to go on the space shuttle and the ISS to conduct studies of UFO phenomenon using special cameras sensitive to visible, infrared and UV to search for UFO activity. I would like to report my findings to the American people.

I am now collecting a petition of signatures of citizens who want me to fly on the NASA space shuttle in space to search for ET craft.

Please advise me of the application process.


David Sereda

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