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Alien Documents - Did Aliens Give Us AIDS


Did Aliens Give Us AIDS? Population Control

Alien Virus HIV/AIDS


This story came to us via e-mail. For now it'll be posted under SG because I haven't heard back from the individual as to their wishes about them being identified. Here is SG's e-mail's in his own words:

Are you aware that the HIV/AIDS virus is not of an earthly origin? It was provided by an alien presence after the Roswell incident in 1947. They also provided the vaccine/cure for this disease. This disease was unleashed on the world in 1971, in the Panama Canal area, by a covert/shadow government that wanted to drastically reduce the world population. The WTC was the headquarters of this government, that's why it was destroyed. The Pentagon had to be attacked to destroy evidence that this covert/shadow government was financed with the $2.3 trillion in missing funds Sec. Rumsfeld spoke of on Sept. 10, 2001 and that US servicemen were used as carriers of this disease> I enlisted in the USAF in 71, I cannot get a copy of my military immunization/vaccination records. I was stationed at Howard AFB C.Z. in 71.

Population Control Through Disease

Thanks for your reply John. This is kind of a long story, dating back to the early 30s. I might have to break it up into two parts.

World War 1, was the first real war where the internal combustion engine was used. Leaders of industrialized nation like the US had no real idea of the oil reserves of this planet, but they knew, as the population increases, so does the demand on those oil reserves. These leaders also knew, as the population increases, the ability to control that population decreases.

They saw two methods to drastically reduce population, war and/or disease. They chose disease, they wanted a sexually transmitted disease, because no one would probably talk about how they contracted the disease. They saw syphilis as a possible disease to meet their needs, that the real reason behind the Tuskegee Syphilis Study (1932-1972).

Look up the history of Prescott Bush (grandfather of President Bush) and the American Birth Control League, and his association with Nazi Germany. When you can't reduce the birth rate, you increase the death rate. The association between this covert/shadow government and Nazi Germany continued until the US entered into WW2. In the mid 40s, penicillin was developed, a cure for syphilis, so they had to look for another disease.

After WW2, a number of former Nazi doctors and scientists were brought to the US to work on this plot. As former Nazi doctors and scientists who probably helped to experiment on Jews and the genocide on the Jews during the Holocaust, they would have kept their mouths shut and made no problems. If they would have, this covert/shadow government would have turned them over to Israel, to be tried as war criminals. But they still needed a disease.

...and then Roswell happens in 1947, a brand new bag of genetic material to experiment with. As an advanced race, I'm sure these aliens had a vaccine/cure for any disease they had. Now this covert/shadow government had new genetic material to experiment with, they had the former Nazi doctors/scientists to work for them, and they had the African Americans in the Tuskegee Syphilis Study as test subjects.

HIV Chemical ComponentsI believe that the first tests were done on monkeys. If the HIV/AIDS virus takes 10 years from the time of infection to the time of death, that takes us to the late 50s. They now know this disease works on monkeys. They now start testing the disease and the vaccine/cure on the African Americans in the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, it works on humans, that takes us to the late 60s.

Operation Blue Book ends in 1969. In 1969, DoD goes before the House Appropriations Committee to request funds to research, develop, test and evaluate a "synthetic biological agent" (HIV/AIDS). In 1970, H.B.15090 is passed, giving $10 million to DoD for this research. In 1971, US servicemen are used as carriers of this disease, and this disease started in the Panama Canal area in 71. Now we deal with who was assassinated during this time and why. JFK was assassinated because he knew of this insane plot to reduce the population, and that the real running of this nation was from the WTC. That's the same reason RFK was assassinated. MLK was assassinated because he knew that poor black sharecroppers were used as test subjects, and that this disease was intended for people of color.

John, I don't have any pictures of aliens or ufos, I do have a lot of letters to officials in government though. I base a lot of my allegations on what our own Presidents have had to say about UFOs and ETs. I'll try and get the second part of this e-mail to you soon. I've stopped making the statement that my life can't get any weirder, it seems to get weirder every day.

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