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Alien Documents - Cash-Landrum Sighting Transcription



August 1981, Part 1

TRANSCRIPT of taped interview held at Bergstrom Air Force Base Law Library Building 2102, 17 August 1981, between Betty Cash, Vicki Landrum, Colby Landrum and representatives of the United States Air Force in the persons of Captain John Camp, Acting Staff Judge Advocate, Captain Terry Davis, Claims Officer, and Miss Pat Wolf, Assistant Claims Officer.


BC.......... Betty Cash

CTD........ Terry Davis, Capt. USAF

CJC.......John Camp, Capt. USAF

PW........Pat Wolf

CL.........Colby Landrum

VL.........Vicki Landrum

CJC: Our Claims Officer for the Air Force base is to be allowed to just take our little meeting down here on a tape recorder... do y'all have any objection to that?

BC: I have none.

CJC: OK. Now I'll ask

you some rather ridiculous questions, just remember that its so that maybe a year from now if we ever had to listen to this tape again, we would know who all was here and what was going on, what's it about, OK?

BC: Right.

CJC: Let the record reflect that we're having a meeting in the Law Library at Building 2102, 17 August 1981 at 1040 hours and present is Captain John Camp, the Acting Staff Judge Advocate, Captain Terry Davis, the Claims Officer, Miss Pat Wolf, Assistant Claims Officer, and Ma'am, I'll ask you to identify yourselves as well.

BC: Betty Cash.

CJC: And where is your address, where do you live?

BC: Route 1 Box 127B, Dayton Texas.

CJC: OK, and you're accompanied by your...?

BC: Vicki Landrum.

CJC: Vicki Landrum. Is she a relative of yours?

BC: No.

VL: I was in the incident...


VL:... (continuing) and so was Colby Lee.

CJC: OK, why don't you go ahead and give me your full name and your address as well.

VL: My name is Vicki Landrum and I live at 506 West Clayton, Dayton Texas.

CJC: OK... And ah... Colby...

VL: He can tell his own.

CJC: OK, Colby, who is your parents and where do you live?

CL: I live at 506 West Clayton too.

CJC: OK, And how old are you?


CJC: You're seven years old?

CL: I'm going to be eight in January.

CJC: Eight in January, OK.

CJC: How do you spell your last name?

CL: L-A-N-D-R-U-M.

CJC: OK, Now... I believe according to your earlier conversation that, ah, you had experienced a UFO sighting and supposedly had received either some injury or certain contact from that. Ah, Ms. Cash would you start off first and tell me exactly the date and what happened and where you were at and so forth?

BC: Yes. We... it was on Farm Market Road 1485 between New Caney and Huffman approximately between nine and nine-thirty at night on December the twenty-ninth, 1980.

CJC: say ah, spell those nearby towns?

BC: N-E-W C-A-N-E-Y and H-U-F-F-M-A-N.

Huffman, Texas State of Texas Map

CJC:OK. Now in front of you is a Texas map, can you locate this ah, somewhere in the proximity of ah, where this occurrence happened?

BC:If my glasses will work well enough. I've had three pair since this happened to me and I still can't see that well.


(pause... BC and VL obviously looking over map, discussing quietly, general tone obvious, not clear enough to transcribe)

... break in recording...

CJC: We had a brief break in the record there just to afford Ms. Cash an opportunity to try to locate the location of the sighting on a Texas map, but because of the lack of detail of the map, she was unable to find it. Is this area northeast of Houston? Is that a fair statement to say? OK, Miss Wolf is... can you indicate some of the other towns close to the area?

BC & VL talking together over map)

North west, it's ah... North Crosby, Humboldt...

BC or VL: Yeah, ah, it's due north of Humboldt, New Caney is due north of Humboldt, and New Caney and Huffman ah, Huffman is then east.

CJC: OK, what... does that... that map reflect the county that they were located in?



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