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Aliens - June Crain: A Great American


June Crain: A Great American

June Crain Roswell Story


Here is an interesting piece written by Joseph Capp about a woman who worked at Wright-Patterson Air Base during the time the debris and occupants from the Roswell UFO crash were taken there.

She claimed to have handled pieces from the craft after waiting 45 years to tell her story.

Meet June Crain

- Joseph Capp

I am so tired of these two-handed bandits, these blog gurus who pontificate the truth from their computer thrones, who debunk UFOs with no regard for the human factor.

Here is my truth: June Crain was there.

June Crain had an “above top secret” clearance.

June Crain typed secret documents and took dictation for the scientists.

June Crain kept “the secrets” for 45 years.

What secrets did June Crain keep? June handled pieces from the Roswell crash, and was friends with the person who escorted the boxes of dead bodies by transport from New Mexico. Where could June have worked? June Crain worked at Wright-Patterson Air Base for over 10 years, 1942 to 1953. June’s friend, “Master Sergeant Clarence,” (she attended his wedding) escorted the alien bodies (not Japanese or German ‘aliens’) these were “little green men” to the base. June was there, watching, as the engineers almost rolled on the floor laughing about the balloon cover story. The new management is probably still laughing.

What were the details? June knew there were pieces of “space ships”; she personally handled the fragments. An Officer handed them to her. She tried to cut the piece or make a mark on it; she couldn’t do it. She wrinkled it all up and it would smooth out to its original shape. Although rather thick, it was almost weightless. Where did it come from? The military officer’s answer was “New Mexico”. You can bet if June handled a piece of the “space ship”, then the scientists were privy to much more. She took dictation from the “engineers” and scientists. She was one of the few who could understand their terminology. She was the fastest in dictation and typing of the support staff. They spoke of three crashes, for sure, all in New Mexico. At the time, the knowledge was treated as matter-of-fact. The scientists were obsessed with, and debated, the propulsion systems. They rolled their eyes and almost lost it over the Air force explanation.

The scientists and military liked June; she was pretty, smart, and took no bull. She started working at Wright Field when she was 17. Tough, she told one Colonel to “kiss her ass” when he tried to skirt some rules. She was also instrumental in catching a spy. What a woman! She disagreed with our historians on one character at Wight Field. But I have a sneaking suspicion June is right --and the historians are wrong. Read the entire interview on PDF, unless of course, you take to the notion that our historians, like UFO skeptics, are always right.

Character – June Crain forgot more about character than most of our web pontificators, including me, will ever know. Two bouts of Cancer, the death of a husband, almost lost a child to a drunk driver, and had financial problems to boot. So what did June do? She learned carpentry and built 15 homes for low income families. Later, when she retired, she continued to help her local community by raising the funds for the local library. This is a person, real, not some caricature designed by your local spin factory. I don’t know, today maybe that just doesn’t matter anymore.

For Fame - When June came forward, she came forward anonymously. She did this because the media and the Air Force made fun of the Roswell spaceship crash theory. She was getting very old and took it personally --perhaps because she personally handled a piece of the craft. Seven years later she came forward publicly. The second time she came forward, she did so because the Air Force cast aspersions on her esprit de corps, by claiming the alien bodies were parachute test dummies. June worked with the Parachute Corps at Wright Field, and she knew that was a lie. She loved those guys and watched one test where many soldiers died. This high-mortality test was kept secret. Even though seven years had passed, the story June first leaked remained the same. No matter what these skeptics and armchair quarterbacks like me say, some things are burned into your memory…you do not forget them. All of us regular folks know that.

I know our society and the media seem to believe that when you start getting old you should go “gentle into that good night” as Dylan Thomas put it. Thomas’ poem says, instead, we should “rage…against the dying of the light.”

There was no way June was going to go gently, or in silence.

I hope if anyone reads this blog about June, and the explanations from Balloon Nuts or alternate theories given fifty years after the fact, they’ll just take a moment to give June Crain --her unique story and her heroic life-- a second look. I doubt the skeptics will. They’re never wrong, you know.


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