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Part 7


Each Team Member had to endure extreme psychological and physical training. In one training test, each Team Member was locked inside a 5' x 7' box buried seven feet underground for five days, with just food and water, no contact with anyone else and in total darkness. This tested several factors.

Each Team Member also took a "pill" with them. The pill was standard issue for intelligence agents operating behind enemy lines. The pill could end their life if, for some reason, the Ebens turned out to be hostile.

Several selected Team Members (pilots) were trained on flying an Eben craft, one of which was the one captured near western New Mexico in 1949. The plan called for these selected few to fly the craft back to Earth in case of an emergency.

There were four pilots on the team. These four spent many weeks at the Nevada complex learning to fly the recovered Eben alien craft. It wasn't hard to fly, once one could understand the operation of the controls. I'm sure many of the UFO sightings back in 1964/'65 around the West could be attributed to these test flights by our Team Members. Selected Team Members carried small containers of liquid nitrogen. Ebens were vulnerable to extreme cold. In case the Eben's turned hostile, the liquid nitrogen could be used to neutralize Ebens during an escape attempt. The Team Members were instructed to spray the substance directly into the face of an Eben. Ebe #1 was found to be vulnerable to this.

However, during the return debriefing, the Team found the Ebens to be so docile, each Team Member quickly discarded these bottles of liquid nitrogen when they arrived on Serpo. The Ebens realized the Team had this substance, but never questioned the reason for bringing it.

As with weapons, each Team Member had a handgun and rifle. The Ebens realized these were weapons, but again never questioned why the Team Members were bringing them along.

But each Team Member never carried the weapons except during their exploration of Serpo and then only certain Team Members carried them.


Here is some "beef" that Gene [Loscowski] wanted regarding the Team Member's training.
After the extensive selection process, each Team Member had to demonstrate their abilities to endure hardship, which included a battery of psychological tests, medical screenings and a PAT (Positive Attitude Tests which is a military test given to pilots and special forces personnel).
The training consisted of the following:
1. Introduction to Space Exploration (taught by NASA personnel);
2. Astronomy, identification of stars, use of telescopes and general astrophysics;
3. Eben anthropology (information received from Ebe #1);
4. Eben History (basic information received from Ebe #1);
5. U.S. Army Field Medical Training (trauma care). This was given to the non-medical personnel on the Team;
6. High Altitude training – parachute and weightless/zero oxygen environment training;
7. Survival, escape and evasion training;
8. Basic weapons and explosive training (six pounds of C-4 was taken);
9. Psychological Operations Training and anti-interrogation preparation;
10. Small Unit Tactical Training (Mini 4-week U.S. Army Ranger Course);
11. Intelligence Gathering Course;
12. Space Geology – collection methods and use of specialized geological equipment;
13. Physical Stress Training;
14. Methods to cope with confinement/isolation;
15. Nurtrition course;
16. Equipment use training;
17. Individual speciality training;
18. Basic Biology;
19. Other training which is still considered extremely highly classified even after 40 years [1965 - 2005].

Humans could make the Eben tonal sounds, but one had to practice and practice and practice. It took a long time for anyone studying the Eben language to make the sounds. Some of the sounds were similiar to high pitch singing sounds. The bottom line is that it could be done.

Now consider this: Even though each Team Member was taught the Eben tonal sounds/language, it was difficult for the Team Members to remember each tone and the use of other sounds with the tones. The two linguists on the Team practiced and learned enough to basically communicate, according to the documents I read.

The Ebens learned English, but had difficulty pronouncing words exactly correct. For example, according to the document, Ebens could not say the letter "L." So, if the Eben's were trying to say the word "look," it came out "ook."

Between the first message sent by our Earth-based team in the summer of 1952 to the first message received from the Ebens was about four months. We have no way of knowning when the Ebens received our message, how long it took them to study it and how long it took them to send it back. The signals were in Eben language, with a readout and sounds, tonal, etc. One interesting note: There was one Eben, who was a space traveller and who could speak English better than the other Ebens who had learned it. This Eben was codenamed "Noah" by the Team. Everytime the team had to communicate important information, they turned to Noah. But during the latter part of our Team's stay, Noah left for an away mission. By then, our two linguists were able to communicate better than any other Team Member.

QUESTION: Why didn't our Team use the Eben communication device?
ANONYMOUS: They had it, but it contained only about 500 English words. Not enough to fully communicate. The Team discarded the device early in their stay.

Who is "Falcon?!" I am reading from the actual debriefing documents. There is no mention of a "Falcon." There is no mention of a "Falcon" on the Briefing Control Access Roster. If you're referring to the 1989 TV special, "UFOs Coverup,... LIVE!" in which a "Falcon" and a "Condor" appeared in shadowed form, they never had accessto the actual "Project SERPO" Report.

I would guess that whomever Falcon is was spreading DISinformation. Ebens lived on a warm planet, except the northern hemisphere, which was cooler. Some Ebens lived in the cooler climate, but the Ebens could not stand extreme cold.

I think one is confusing what Ebe #1 said about "our" planet. It liked the cooler places on "our" planet. He was not referring to Serpo. Ebe #1 was a visitor on our planet and was taken to several different locations, mostly warm. When he arrived at Los Alamos, he remarked that he like the "cooler" climate, meaning Los Alamos in the late summer.

However, when he [Ebe #1] was taken to Washington, D.C., (very closely controlled), the climate there (in late fall) was too cold for him. I don't know about a "Falcon" or his/her information, but I do know the facts surrounding Ebe #1.

QUESTION: What do you make of what Ebe #1 allegedly said about Mankind being genetically altered throughout time and that they established religions and Christ in particular on our planet? [An idea that was popularized in the 1989 bestseller, "The Gods of Eden" by William Bramley, ISBN# 0380718073]
ANONYMOUS: If one reads the "Yellow Book" [the true and correct history of Mankind as relayed by the ETEs] and reads between the lines, one would come away with the thought and clear impression that the Ebens had something to do with Jesus Christ or, possibly, Jesus was one of them.
Also, if you look at some events that are shown in the "Yellow Book," (remember, there are no dates shown in the "Yellow Book"), you can connect some incidents, such as Fatima, etc., with an Eben landing.

QUESTION: Is the much ballyhooed and hyped "Alien Autopsy Film" released by Ray Santilli real or fake?
ANONYMOUS: That film is a fake. We did perform autopsies on the dead Ebens and did photograph them, but the Ray Santilli film is an absolute 100% fake.

As for the liquid nitrogen matter. The liquid nitrogen was placed in special containers, just like we do today. The debriefing document doesn't state the type of containers, just that each member had a small container.

The "DIM" was the Duty Information Manual. It was their "bible," for all of the information they would need. The operations plans, how to excute the plans, emergency action procedures, etc. [BR: the meaning of the "DIM" was supplied by another person, not Anonymous, who had detailed knowledge of the project.]


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