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Pleiadian CultureAlthough the Pleiadians appear very healthy by our standards, they are affected by our atmosphere. Not enough that they have to use environmental suits but they do have sinus problems from prolonged exposure in our air. Their home planet atmosphere is very similar to ours but we have more pollutants in our air. They say that after prolonged living in the purer conditions of the spacecraft they are even affected, to a much lesser degree, by their home planet's atmosphere.

Their hands are very similar to ours but finer and more flexibly articulated. They have fine skin on their hands. All Pleiadians have small gardens and work them with their own hands. It is a part of maintaining contact with their Creation.

They each work two hours per day in their factories - mostly overseeing automated machines and robots. They are all educated in a great many sciences. The Pleiadians go to school until they are in their 70s. In 10 years of school they reach an educational level equivalent to a 25 year old college graduate here. Everyone must be thoroughly familiar with 12 to 20 professions.

They do not marry until they are at least 70 years old. They mature in body in 12 to 15 years. They do not marry until they have completed their chosen education. The median age for those who do marry is about 110 years. Both parties must pass strict mental and physical examinations before they are permitted to marry. They are not required to marry and many do not.

In birth they rely on natural partrition with no anesthetic. They find that their brain chemistry is changed by anesthesia. The force of will of the baby is affected and will be reduced to some degree. Life on Erra is peaceful and harmonious. Everyone strives for his very best for the good of all. If we were to go to the Pleiadian's home planet, Erra, we would not see much because the life and civilization and all its works exist in a slightly different dimension and time frame. Their time is altered slightly which also affects their vibrational state of being. They must adjust this time and vibration a little in order to contact us and we would have to do the same to perceive their native existence.

The Pleiadians say that every human has a direct responsibility to help every other one to grow in consciousness. Creation requires every unit of life, within itself, to constantly grow forward. Each unit has this responsibility as well to every other unit. The unexpected thing, which after all really should not be unexpected, is to find reason and logic in the interrelationship of all these odd events.

I wondered why all of this activity in only one place in the world, and was then told that Switzerland is not the only location where this activity is taking place. The Pleiadians even told Meier that they have more ground stations in use on our surface, one in the United States and one in the East.

In a discussion of the Pleiadian ground station in the Alps, which is presently headed by Quetzel, one of Meier's frequent contacts, I learned that that station has been in existence for over 70 years! It is in a closed valley between high peaks and has no roads in or out, being inaccessible from the surface. It is fully protected and cannot be seen from the air. While we were on the subject of Pleiadian facilities, I was determined to find out more about the large "mother-ship" in solar orbit, and again I was reminded of the reason for not volunteering information.

There isn't enough time to discuss all that one could. The discussion of the "mother-ship" took almost half a day and we had barely scratched the surface. Basically, it is not just 10.5 mile sphere in space, but an assembly consisting of one such sphere, 3 smaller several mile diameter spheres joined to the central one 120 degrees apart and below the central one, and a smaller control pod one half to three quarter mile in diameter mounted on a long extension 3 to 4 miles or more above the main sphere. The whole construction is close to 35 km long. This is entirely built up and assembled in space and is not dependent on any planet. The 3 lower spheres contain the manufacturing facilities and the many factories, repair shops, and food production and processing centers for the whole colony. The larger central sphere contains all of the living quarters, parks, recreational facilities, and the spacecraft hangar decks. The small upper pod on a long narrow extension is the central control and communication center for the whole ship.


But these cousins in the human line of evolution are not all that are here observing us either. There are a number of others so engaged. We have been working for over two years on another UFO contact case that began in July of 1967, one of the heaviest UFO activity periods recorded in modern times, and is still going on. These extraterrestrials come from an atmospheric planet about 10 light years from Earth, a planet which they call Iarga. It has a diameter and mass greater than that of Earth, and the acceleration of gravity at the surface is stronger. The atmosphere is much more dense than ours. They said an Earth human would be pelted to death in the rain on their planet. The speed of rotation is slower making the days and nights longer, but reflected sunlight from the regular twilight can brighten certain nights. Because of the thicker atmosphere and higher air pressure at the surface, which is even a different composition than ours, Iarga knows no bright sunlight and sees nothing of moons and stars. Green predominates as the atmospheric color. The creatures there are a little larger than us are look quite different. They are very stockily built. Their ship and its equipment and furnishings give evidence of a very highly advanced technology.

Another contact that has been going on since October of 1969, and still continues, involves a lifeform from another atmospheric planet orbiting a sun some 20 light years away near the star we call Epsilon Eridani. We believe the star indicated to be 82 Eridani as this is a G5 star quite similar to our own sun which is in spectral class GO and is about the right 20 light years distance away. These creatures were larger, like 7 to 7.5 feet tall, and were covered with wrinkled skin and had very large arms with 3 fat fingers on the end. The skin has plates and wrinkles, something like crocodile skin. They had strange faces and a large mouth and very large ears, but they, like the Iargans demonstrated a highly advanced technology.

Still another recurring contact case we are working on more recently, involves the smaller hairless alien creatures with white skin, large domed heads, large eyes and small facial features. They have slightly built bodies and are only about 4 feet tall. [These extraterrestrials are the ones now commonly known as the Greys.] Their ships are marvelous machines and they have wonderful devices aboard but they don't seem to be a great deal more advanced than us in some respects. Their technology seems to be just beyond ours, like we might conceivably build such devices in a few more hundreds of years of time. These creatures say that they come from the twin suns which we call Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 Reticuli, and that they have been operating here and studying Earth and its creatures for decades. It is said that their large eyes are very light sensitive and for that reason they tend to only come to the surface of Earth at night.

We have just begun investigations into another recurring contact case nearer to our home here in Arizona that has also been going on for many years and involves an extensive transmittal of highly technical evidence of a most advanced nature. We believe that this sort of contact is going on in all countries all over the world if we would just make the effort to identify the cases and spend a little money to properly investigate them. We are in fact being invaded by alien intelligences on a grand scale, who generally do not seem to be hostile, but we should be aware of it and its possible effects on our lives and our future.

These beings [the Pleiadians and most of the other human-like races mentioned earlier] all come under the authority of a confederation of planets in our sector of space headed by a High Council which sits in Andromeda - non-physical beings who exist in a different kind of energy form. The Cygnusians, information on which we encountered in our last investigative trip, are also under the jurisdiction of the High Council in Andromeda, but they belong, with others, to a different stream of evolution. I asked Meier if he could tell me any more about that strange being he met in the woods near his home on one of his contacts, the one that said "Murrg" - "Muurrrg", and he repeated that story with more details this time. The contact took place quite nearby. The creature, wearing a kind of spacesuit, had large bulging eyes, very wide spade mouth, no hair, and a dark oily-looking skin, possibly even wet-looking. It approached him slowly with open hands held in front as if showing that it was not carrying weapons to attack. The creature stopped in front of him and stared for a number of seconds and pronounced the words, waited a few more seconds and then turned away and walked slowly into the night. A short time later Meier asked Semjase about this and she showed surprise and offered to check into it. She subsequently informed him that the creature was from a planet in the star picture Swan (Cygnus), that the creature's spacecraft was damaged on entry into our atmosphere, and that it was seeking assistance. It's name was Asina. It's distress signal (now this is amazingly logical) was picked up by the Pleiadians and they sent a Pleiadian party to help the Cygnusians out. While the Cygnusian spacecraft was being repaired, Semjase brought Asina back with her on a contact with Meier and he was then able to communicate with the being telepathically. The Cygnusians are from a different evolution and little of the exchange was understood.

There are many more cases like this that have such an abundance of information and evidence in them that a hoax of this magnitude would be too costly for any but a very wealthy person to afford. Meier has met representatives from most of these places mentioned so far, at one time or another, and in some cases several times, and still other beings too. Now it becomes a little more clear and the whole fantastic program of contact makes sense. We are simply the younger brothers in an ongoing stream of life and intelligence, and are being visited, in this case at least, by our Kind who are a little way ahead and are interested in the welfare and development of their species.


One day as we were sitting in "Billy's" office, I asked him if he knew what the Pleiadians thought of our efforts toward reporting this case to the public. His off-hand answer amazed me. He said that he had checked that very thing with them and their answer was that they had looked into the future and found our feature documentary movie well done and the information handled well, that they agreed that this first movie should be limited to exposing the case on a mass international scale for its effect, and that it would succeed in getting attention beyond our expectations, that those who were ready for the messages of the Pleiadians would find their own way to them, that the others, the great bulk of the viewers, in any case had been informed and awakened to the possibilities and would never forget. They saw a second film covering the messages and the trips Meier had made aboard their spacecraft, and even a third one discussing their history, philosophy and ours. He has no doubts about the success of the documentary film or this book-form report. To him it already exists. --

Walter D. "Cruiser1"

Part 2 <--


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