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Extract of information from: "UFO Contact from Undersea" Sanchez/Stevens

Section 1: Regression session, Filiberto Cardenas (subject) Event date: 3 January 1979 UFO CEIII During the regression session(s) the following information came forth:

1. Subject was taken to one of three pyramid bases. Two pyramid bases are under ocean, one on land. Subject was taken to base between Berin and Santiago of the coast of Chile. Other underwater base is in the Atlantic in an unspecified location. The base was entered through an underwater tunnel. The aliens stated that they had been there 36 months at that time.

2. Aliens told the subject that there were six (6) other individuals whom the aliens had contacted.

3. Subject stated that the aliens voiced that they were eventually going to make themselves known to the world.

4. Aliens stated that they control the Chinese, and they have provided the Chinese with a device that can "paralyze cities and towns completely."

5. Aliens stated that the device will cause a change that "is going to be something for which the world cannot wait." The Chinese are to provoke certain unspecified changes, and that in those changes, "people who are negative will disappear."

6. Subject remembers seeing (future) scenes of people running disoriented along roads, and that there is a disaster coming.

7. Details of underwater tunnel described as walls of " firmed water," not rock. The ship evidently generated a force field which repelled the water around it.

8. Devices were supposedly installed in subject's head by aliens. Subsequent x-rays revealed nothing.

(Session 3)

1. First contact with these groups of aliens began 4,000 years ago.

2. It has been thousands of years since this group last descended to earth.

3. If progress on earth does not continue, aliens will use more forceful demonstrations to get their point across that we must have peace and progress.

4. Subject was interrogated for 15 days after the events by US security and intelligence services.

5. Information from aliens had also to do with "an atrocity in the plans certain forces on earth had planned."

6. Subject was seven years old when contact with aliens first occurred.

7. Aliens have ability to dematerialize their craft.

8. Aliens stated that we should beware of other alien groups who will present themselves in a good light but if they pursue "bad objectives against us they could do two things. They could destroy this planet with the same arms that this planet has, or on the contrary, transport away all our arms in one operation, which would take no more than 20 minutes of our time. They can be visible or not, whatever they choose." 8. [sic] Treatise references 81 other crossbreeds from (negative) aliens who have performed duties on earth. Half alien-half earthling = Crossbreed 9. Aliens spoke of great portions of land and whole cities will [sic] disappear. Mexico City and major cities in California.

History and Operations -- Operation Trojan Horse

The amusing little mystery of flying saucers slowly evolves into a complicated series of coincidences and paradoxes as we plunge deeper and deeper into the data, excluding nothing, and considering everything as objectively as possible.

Our skies have been filled with "Trojan Horses" throughout history, and like the original Trojan Horse, they SEEM to conceal hostile intent. Several facts are now apparent:

o The objects have always chosen to operate in a clandestine manner, furtively choosing the hours of darkness for their enigmatic activities over thinly- populated areas, where the possibility of being detected is slight.

o The hostility factor is further supported by the fact that the objects chose, most often, to appear in forms which we can readily accept and explain to our own satisfaction -- ranging from dirigibles to meteors and conventional-appearing airplanes.

o The objects of unusual configuration, undoubtedly constituting a deceptive minority of all the paraphysical objects flitting about in our atmosphere.

In other words, flying saucers are not at all what we have hoped they were. They are a part of something else. John A. Keel called that something else "Operation Trojan Horse."

When one really digs into UFO literature, it readily becomes clear that the ultraterrestrials deliberately conveyed whatever impression that would meet the available frame of reference for that time.

Until 1848, the religious frame of reference was constantly used by the phenomenon. As man's technology improved many of our old beliefs were discarded and the "phenomenon" was obliged to update its manifestations and establish new frames of reference. No more objects were seen in 1947 than had been seen in 1847. We were simply seeing them in a new way.

A new game was being played with us. A new game has emerged: the artifact or hardware game. The phenomenon has always obliged us by planting false evidence all over the landscape.

UFO cultists trapped themselves into a hopeless situation almost from the outset. The apparent purpose of most of the landings seems to have been to advance belief in the frame of reference, not to provide absolute proof that the frame of reference is authentic.

Physical Evidence

All kinds of junk have fallen out of the sky throughout recorded history. Ivan T. Sanderson has in his files extensive lists that go back to Roman times. Ridiculous things such as stone pillars and heavy metal wheels have come crashing out of the blue, and there are countless cases of ice blocks, some weighing hundreds of pounds, dropping all over this planet. The flying saucers have been spewing all kinds of trash all over the landscape. In nearly every instance, these materials always prove to be ordinary earthly substances like magnesium, aluminum, chromium, and even plain old tin. Each of these incidents give the skeptics new ammunition.

Mysterious hollow spheres have also been dropping out of the sky all over the world. Three such spheres were found in the Australian desert in 1963. They were about 14 inches in diameter and had a shiny polished surface. Efforts to open the spheres failed, and they were turned over to the USAF. Other metal spheres have dropped out of the sky in Mexico (1967) and Conway, Arkansas (1967). The Mexican steel ball was identified as titanium, the one in Arkansas steel.

Smaller colored spheres were found scattered over the French countryside in 1966-67, as if it had been raining balls there. Where is all this stuff coming from? The same place as the stone pillars and blocks of ice. Innumerable cases of contact and landings have been flushed down the ufological drain because of the deliberate "negative factors." Sincere witnesses have actually been ruined because the amateur UFO investigators have accused them of being liars and worse.

Another fascinating game which the ufonauts play with a vengeance is the "repair" gambit. Beginning in 1897, there has been an endless stream of stories and reports, many from reliable witnesses, on how they encountered a grounded UFO and observed the occupants making repairs of some kind. The basic details in all these stories are so similar that it seems as if the ufonauts are following a carefully rehearsed procedure.

Generally speaking, there are three (3) types of beings observed in relation to UFOs:

o Normal-looking people, including females.

o Oriental, dark-skinned beings.

o Unidentifiable creatures, who have made a real effort to hide from witnesses.

Oddly enough, when all the reports and the data is in, the scope of the phenomenon and the overwhelming quantity of reports negates its validity. An analysis of cases indicates that flying saucers are not, in most cases, stable machines requiring fuel, maintenance, and logistical support. Most of them are, in all probability, transmutations of energy from other dimensions and do not exist in the same way that this paper exists.

The UFO phenomenon seems to be largely subjective: that is, specific kinds of people become involved and are actually manipulated by the phenomenon in the same way that it manipulates matter. These subjective experiences are far more important to our study that the "random" superficial sightings. We are obliged to forget about the sightings and concentrate on the claims and experiences of the contactees.

Thousands of UFO photos have been taken since 1882. There's just one problem. With very few exceptions, no two UFO photos are alike. The sightings force two unacceptable answers upon us:

o All the witnesses were mistaken or lying.

o Some tremendous unknown civilization is exerting an all- out effort to manufacture thousands of different types of UFOs and is sending them all to our planet.

The governments of the world overtly have maintained variations of the first proposal. UFO enthusiasts accept the second. There is a third proposal which merits some attention: some "hard" objects definitely exist as temporary materializations from other dimensions. They leave indentations in the ground when they land. Witnesses have touched them and even been inside them. These "hard" objects may be decoys to cover the multitudinous activities of the "soft" objects. The "soft" objects hold one of the keys of the mystery. There are countless sightings of objects which changed size and shape in front of witnesses who often get the impression that it was alive, that it was not behaving like a mechanical object at all.

There is no question at all that there are intelligences that can manipulate or materialize any kind of object into our dimension. Let's take a look, for a second, at the electromagnetic spectrum. As you know, our visual spectrum makes up a small portion of the whole. Look at what's involved with UFOs:


Blue UFO ENTRY FIELD _________________

Cyan ____________________________________

Green Visible


Red __________________

Spectrum Magenta _________________




If you will relate this to cases that you are familiar with, as far as appearance, spectrum shift when in flight, etc., you will see the applicability of the above diagram.

When UFO stabilize in our dimension they radiate energy on all frequencies and become glowing white. Radical maneuvers require a frequency alteration, which produces color changes. It is interesting to note that in Blue Book Report #14, they replaced the phrase "Electromagnetic Phenomenon" with the word "Unknown" in a majority of those cases. Why? There is no doubt that again, a situation exists where we have multiple realities within the UFO realm as well. It is clear that we are not dealing with random ET visitors. It has an extreme element of intention to do with all of it. Mutilations started in April, 1897, with the abduction of Alexander Hamilton's calf, witnessed by several people. That is one of the constants that has been with us that has not changed frame of reference. How many people give thought to the three dark-skinned wise men who appeared before the birth of Jesus, spread the reality of the happening, and disappeared again. All the dark-skinned men in threes. MIB. It makes you wonder. Hmmmm.

Charting the Enigma

Well, here we are again. Taking a sample of 33% of 10,000 or so cases, or about 3,330 cases, we find that 730 are so-called Type I, a low-level object observed and reported by reliable witnesses. It was found that 2,600 were Type II, high-altitude objects performing in a controlled manner and distinct from normal aircraft and natural phenomena. The time of the sightings depends on where you are. If you are in a rural area, sightings conveniently begin after 10 p.m. A populated area would have them between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. For some reason, in many "flaps," Wednesday had about 20.5% of the sightings. Hmmm.

Now, if the UFO phenomenon (and I dislike that word) had a purely psychic basis then I would think there would be more sightings on a Saturday, when people are statistically out and about than on Wednesday. There are notable exceptions to everything of course, one of which was the "flap" of August 16, 1966, which was on a Tuesday.

Reports seem to cluster within political boundaries of states, as if there were a methodical exploration of states from border to border. If the UFO were a natural occurrence, one would expect otherwise.

Thousands of sightings can be fitted into the "great circle" route, and often the dates are staggered so that it appears that the phenomenon moves systematically from point to point.

Every state in the United States has from two to ten "windows." These are areas where UFOs appear repeatedly year after year. The objects will appear in these places and pursue courses confined to sectors with a radius of about 200 miles. The great circle from Canada (not to be confused with the traditional Great Circle) in the northwest through the central states and back into northeast Canada is a major window. Hundreds of smaller windows lie within that circle. Another major window is centered in the Gulf of Mexico and encompasses much of Mexico, Texas and the Southwest.

As mentioned previously, many windows center directly over area of magnetic deviation. UFOs seem to congregate about the highest available hills in these window areas. They become visible in these centers and then radiate outward, traveling sometimes 100-200 miles before disappearing again.

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