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Extraterrestrial Conversations

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CASE FIVE: "Our Emotions Are Different Than Yours."

Pat Brown is a physical therapist from Panorama City, California. She had never thought of UFOs until 1992, when a vacation to Arizona triggered a series of encounters with gray-type extraterrestrials. For a period of several months, Pat reported terrifying nightly visits by ETs in her condo. Then, one evening, she was taken on board.

To her surprise, she found the experience enjoyable. She was given a tour of the craft and taken to meet "the master." It was then that she was given several messages of a spiritual nature. Says Pat, "I don’t know all that they said to me, but I remember them telling me there was something I had to do with my aura."

She was surprised to find that the appearance of the alien had changed to a human male with blond hair. She asked, "Why do you look like that?"

The ET replied, "Because this is the way you want me to look."

Pat was taken out of her body and was shown what her astral body looked like. The ET told her, "That is your soul. That is the part of you that goes through all the lifetimes."

Pat was given further spiritual lessons on vibrations and healing and was then returned to her bedroom.

She soon had further experiences, and suffered several medical effects as a result of her encounters. Her case is also supported by additional witnesses. Her obsession with the subject grew and Pat began a search for information and was led to a channeler, someone claiming to speak for the ETs.

Pat asked the channeler if people who are abducted make an agreement on some level. The channeler, speaking for the ETs, said that yes, abductees do, in fact, agree to be abducted.

Pat said, "Can you make them stop?"

The ETs replied, "No, you cannot make them stop, but if you become consciously aware, you will be handled in a different way...You need to understand why you have created this. We perceive we are supporting you in your drama. Why did you create this?"

Another audience member asked, "You come here and you get specimens. What do we get from you?"

"You get a jump start in your growth. That’s what we give you."

Another member asked about emotions and the ETs replied, "Our emotions are different than yours, but we do have emotions because we accept it as important to us."

The conversation continued until Pat became angry and shouted at them that they shouldn’t take her against her will.

The ETs replied, "The experiences you are receiving from this far outweigh the other things you are experiencing, and there’s not one person in this room that would not trade places with you."

Pat continues to have experiences, both positive and negative. She is also continuing her quest to understand the reasons for her encounters.


CASE SIX: "We Are From a Place You Don’t Know About Yet."

In 1995, a middle-age couple, William and Rose Shelhart, were driving outside Sedona, Arizona, late at night when they spotted a bright light in the sky following them. It soon became apparent that the light was playing a game of cat and mouse with them as it chased them down the road and eventually landed in a field next to them. That was the last thing they consciously remembered.

Their next memory was arriving at a hotel in Sedona, several hours too late. Realizing they had missing time, they later sought out a hypnotist and recalled an incredible onboard UFO experience. They recalled being taken on board the craft and examined by nearly human-looking uniformed extraterrestrials. While William’s recall was negligible, Rose was able to recall most of what happened, including an actual conversation that she had with the ETs.

According to Rose, they were "invited" onboard and treated with kindness and respect. Says Rose, "They [the extraterrestrials] were just saying that we are helping you. They told me [William] was in another room getting different messages."

Rose asked where they come from. The aliens gave a typically enigmatic and evasive answer, replying, "We are from a place you don’t know about yet."

When asked about their purpose for coming here, their response was decidedly positive. Says Rose, "They said they are helping certain people here because they will help humanity. And something about like, the more we help, the more they help us. But they can’t interfere and just take over and fix everything."

Rose was unable to obtain any further useful information. She and her husband continue to have sightings and encounters, and William reports that he was healed of carpel-tunnel syndrome as a result of his interaction with the Ets.

CASE SEVEN: "Don’t Worry, We Won’t Hurt You."

Jack Stevens (pseudonym), of Everett, Washington, was only twelve years old when he was abducted out of a car and into a large craft. Most of the event was shrouded in amnesia until 1997, when he spontaneously recalled what happened twenty-five years earlier. His memory revealed a harrowing six-hour-long abduction event.

Jack recalled being levitated inside a beam of light and laid out on a table surrounded by short figures. As he was being taken on board, the ETs told him, "Don’t worry, we’re not going to hurt you."

As they examined him, Jack reports that the aliens conversed among themselves. "I remember two of them going back and forth, and it was like a ‘good cop, bad cop’ thing. One of them, for all he cared, just throw me off. That’s what the impression was, just, ‘get him off here.’ And the other one was saying, ‘No, we are not going to do that.’

"I remember them telling me to open my mouth."

Jack became nervous about his mother and brother who were still back in the car. The beings responded, "Don’t worry about it, we don’t want them...Don’t want them, don’t need them....We don’t care about them."

At one point, one of the beings attempted to relate a complex message. Says Jack, "He was telling me all kinds of stuff, but it wasn’t sinking in. I didn’t understand what he was telling me. There were math formula things and something about a lot of triangles and circles. There was a lot of geometry thrown at me. And I’m just sitting there thinking, this is pretty cool, but I kind of want to go home."

After several more procedures, the ordeal finally ended. As Jack was being placed back into his car, a final exchange ensued. Jack said, "You didn’t do anything to my mom and brother, right?"

The beings responded, "Right, don’t worry."

Jack’s case involves considerable physical evidence and numerous other witnesses. The case is still ongoing.


CASE EIGHT: "We’ve been Here a Long, Long, Time."

A very unusual case of extraterrestrial contact occurred to a waitress named Maryann X, of Carpinteria, California. One evening in 1992, following a series of UFO sightings, Maryann was in her home watching TV when she became aware of a presence. Although she couldn’t see anything, in her mind’s eye she sensed a strange being. The figure was thin, bald, with a large head, gray skin and dark almond-shaped eyes. In other words, the typical gray-type alien.

At that point, Maryann began to experience the phenomenon of automatic writing. Messages which she believed were from the alien began to be transmitted through her.

Says Maryann, "He’s very interested in our interest in him and his race. [He says] that they’ve been here for a long, long time, longer than we have from what I understand....They’re vastly interested in us. They’re almost more fascinated in us than we are in them. We don’t think the same way they do. He said, ‘We live in oceans.’ They live in the ocean, underwater. Their ships are underwater. They’re very benign. They have no nuclear warheads [or] this kind of stuff."

Like many contactees, Maryann was given information about upcoming natural disasters. "He was telling me something about earthquakes. He didn’t predict anything else. He just said we’re in for some big type of natural disaster. I get the impression, thinking back to what he talks to me about, is that they’re almost here to warn us. Not of an impending doom type of thing, like the world’s going to blow up, but they’re not here to hurt. They’re here to observe."

The alien told Maryann that their race is much more numerous than all of humanity. "Lot and lots and lots. This is not just five or ten or twenty ships roaming around. We’re talking--from what I get from him--millions and millions of these people. And they’ve existed before we recorded time and history."

The alien told her that they were conducting a program to contact small groups of people across the planet. "That’s the understanding I have. They have jobs like everybody has jobs down here. His job is to find people who are receptive enough that he can talk to. And he was really worried about whether or not I was really scared....I get the impression that I am not the only one he talks to. In fact, I think that it’s like a job for them. That’s kind of the impression I got, is they kind of probe different people. It’s like his job is to find people who are receptive."

Marianne has made contact with the alien on several occasions, and has been given much more information.


CASE NINE: "It Is Very Important We Do This."

Melinda Leslie of Los Angeles, California, is an office manager and secretary who has been having ET contact her entire life. Even more amazing is that Melinda has been able to recall many of her experiences consciously, without the aid of hypnosis. She is what UFO researchers call a conscious abductee.

While she has had virtually the entire range of UFO experiences, one of her most dramatic occurred in July 1991 while driving with two friends through the Los Angeles forest. All three experienced a two-hour-long abduction into a metallic craft piloted by grey-type ETs.

Once on board, they were undressed, examined, separated and given separate messages. Melinda Leslie was able to recall the entire event consciously. As she was laid out and examined, she hammered the aliens with questions, none of which they answered.

She saw her friend sitting in a chair with a bizarre-looking headset on him and she screamed out, "What are you doing to him?"

One of the aliens replied, "It’s all right, we’re giving him information. It’s all right. We’re educating him."

"Don’t hurt him," Melinda said.

"We’re not hurting him. He’s all right. It’s all right."

Melinda continued to let out a stream of questions, however, she was rarely answered, and then, only in an evasive manner. Says Melinda, "They don’t give you straight answers. They say, ‘It’s okay. We need to do this. You understand.’"

At one point, the three friends were separated and placed into different rooms. Melinda found herself in a room with a dozen greys. One stepped up to her and said, "Now, we’re going to do something. Don’t be afraid, but this is very important that we do this. We’re going to put this over your head."

What followed was a bizarre procedure. Melinda was immobilized by a device placed over her head. The aliens stood in a circle around Melinda and pushed her back and forth like a punching clown. Melinda felt she was going to fall, but each time she was caught and pushed again. Finally, she relaxed. At that point, they stopped and removed the device. One of the aliens said, "You needed to learn that....You needed to learn to trust us."

Meanwhile, Melinda’s friend, James, was receiving a different message. Says Melinda, "James said when I was out of the room, they came over to him, and they showed him a device, a bunch of stuff. They told him how to make a UFO detector, and they gave him the information. He said, they said because they wanted him to document and videotape them. When sightings happen, they told him he has a mission to document this stuff."

According to James, "They showed me how to do this. And they explained the whole thing technically to me, and I was given the information how to build those. They were done and they made sure I understood. And I said, ‘Yes, I understand.’"

Melinda’s other friend was unable to recall much detail other than being taken onboard and examined. Melinda continues to have experiences and has lectured extensively about her encounters.



There are many other cases where aliens have conversed with human beings. However, the patterns are usually the same. For the most part, aliens are not only extremely taciturn; when they do speak they are often evasive. When abductee Travis Walton was taken onboard a UFO, he asked numerous questions of the aliens, none of which were answered. When abductee Betty Hill asked her abductors where they came from, they told her, "You wouldn’t understand."

But as the above cases show, the aliens do sometimes reveal information about themselves, their feelings, their intentions, their desires, fears and beliefs. By piecing together these accounts, we are beginning to get a clearer picture of who the aliens are and what they are doing on this planet. The main message revealed by the aliens' conversations is that they have a strong interest in humanity. Whether they are removing genetic material, imparting spiritual knowledge, predicting natural disaster or studying our emotions, the aliens are obviously fascinated by humanity. The conclusion is clear. For whatever reason, they are deeply interested in us. And if the patterns reveal anything, the aliens will remain here for a long, long time.


Preston Dennett (California) is a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). He has more than fifty articles published in most of the major UFO publications and is the author of UFO Healings and One in Forty: The UFO Epidemic. He has worked with the television programs Sightings, National Geographic Explorer, and Encounters.

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